How to increase Damage in Tower of Fantasy

How to increase your damage in Tower Of Fantasy?  Having a high damage output is really important in tower fantasy, especially for certain modes where clearing enemies quickly is the name of the game. Even if you are a tank or a healer, heals typically scale off of attack so having more of that is always better.

What is the best way to accomplish this? There are many ways to increase your attack, but upgrading weapons is the most straightforward. Here we dive into all ways.

  • Upgrade Weapons
  • Choose SSR Characters
  • Use Matrices 
  • Upgrade Suppressor 
  • Farm the best Gear 
  • Character Passives 
  • Special Food
  • Combat Combos

Tower of Fantasy Weapons

Upgrading Weapons in Tower Of Fantasy

Upgrades can be made with Weapon Batteries, which can be earned through bounty missions or promo codes, and purchased from the ingame store.

You can augment a weapon once it is fully upgraded, allowing you to upgrade it past the level cap using rarer materials.

Elemental ore, glazes, and frames are usually augment materials.

Tower Of Fantasy Characters

Choose SR and SSR Characters

SR and SSR Characters all give different abilities and buffs however the SSR grants stronger buffs/abilities due to them being harder to obtain, this is what SSR means “Specially Super Rare”. Let’s Compare Two Similar Characters:

Echo 1 Star (SR):

Shatter increases by 15 percent

Shatter a shield grants your teammates a 15 attack buff, which benefits your team in general.

King 1 Star (SSR):

Shatter increases by 15 percent

After shattering the shield, he applies a dot that is ticking at 120 of your total attack every second for 15 seconds. It helps you deal more damage to targets for longer periods of time.

In the future, you’ll continue to unlock better passive skills as you invest more in characters.

Tower Of Fantasy Matrices

Matrices To Boost Damage in Tower of Fantasy

Last but not least, you can insert weapon matrices which are like these little data chips. You can add stats to them, they unlock set bonuses, and they can also be upgraded.

Depending on which stats each one provides, some will give you health and resistance boosts, while others will give you attack and critical damage.

These and unlocking set bonuses are huge sources of damage for your character. Initially, you’re going to be like a middle of the road blue, but as you kill world bosses and upgrade your suppressors, you’ll eventually earn some SSR ones, which are awesome.

Throughout the game, each character has their own set of matrices that you can find and equip. Some are the best in slot, while others may require you to mix and match to find one that matches your build. But regardless of how you use them, they’re a huge damage source. That’s all the things we can do to boost our damage with our weapons, but it’s not all that we can do, there are a few other ways as well.

Suppressor Tower Of Fantasy
Suppressor – Photo Cred: Vulkan Youtube

Suppressor To Boost Damage

As you level up and increase your character score, you can get a lot of primary stats from your suppressor. Using potent omnium crystals to upgrade your suppressor will also increase your attack health, crit, and resistance significantly.

There’s really not much else you can do with a suppressor other than upgrade it. All you have to do is click on the upgrade button.

Gear Enhancing

Gear Upgrade

Your gear is the last place you can upgrade to increase your damage output. There are 10 slots with armor that you can equip and enhance.

While gear does come with base stats, which are always the same, it also rolls with random stats, so you want to get the random stats that will improve your build. In order to increase our damage, we want extra attack and crit if possible

One thing to keep in mind about gear is that slots usually have a theme.

  • Chest Piece has health and resistance for its base stats
  • Arm Items grants attack and crit

As for enhancing and advancement, enhancing increases a slot’s base stats, and after a breakthrough, you gain a new one.

It is possible to increase your damage and healing output by focusing on your attack gear for healers or damage players, but ultimately attack is beneficial to all play styles, so you can truly prioritize that. The last permanent upgrade is to unlock the passive abilities of a character.


All characters have a passive that is gained through gifts, we will use Tsuba as an example.

With the gifts you invest, she will unlock the awakening traits rainstorm and raging waves which will increase her attack every time she deals damage, resulting in a 25 and a half percent attack increase that is on top of the 15 damage increase she receives from her dodge arrows, so if you activate everything, you will get two powerful damage increases, which is amazing.

Subasa is an incredibly powerful buffing machine, which is why she is such an important support character. So those are the ways to permanently increase your damage, but there are a few more ways as well.


Food To Increase Damage

You have food and you have combat so starting with food apart from the obvious things like healing and satiety you can also get damage buffs you can increase your damage by eating foods that match the attack type of your weapon.

  • Truffled fried rice this increases our physical attack by two percent and 150
  • Purple yam pie that increases volt damage

The good news is that these aren’t just available in game; you can eat them at any time. Starting with blue foods like seafood soup, you can get these super early on.

Before you take on challenging content, you should craft a few foods that work for your team and eat them, because it will help you a lot more than you think now you can also visit Mia’s kitchen a few times a day to get a food buff so make sure to do this before eating your cooked food

Combat Combos

There are multiple ways to perform a character’s abilities, so you can maximize their usage just like in any game. Practice the character for a few hours and you’ll be ready to dominate Tower Of Fantasy.

I hope this gave you an understanding on how to increase damage, feel free to share with a friend!

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