How To Get Curses in Sea of Thieves?

Curses are another way pirates in Sea of Thieves express themselves. Your pirate’s body is given these unique effects, which change how they appear.

Get curses along the questlines in Sea Of Thieves. “Curse of the Order” is the first one players will come across, It is given after completing the first Tall Tale “Cursed Rogue”.

Curse Collection Sea of Thieves
Curse Collection Sea of Thieves

How to Get Curses and Their Use Sea of Thieves

Curses are rare in Sea Of Thieves, which may lead you to believe they are OP enchantments or equipment that will help you rule the seas like Davy Jones.

Each Curse is essentially a cosmetic item that customizes your character’s skin. Although the title ‘Curse’ implies otherwise, these do not bring power-ups or enchantments. Pirates also use these as badges of honor, boasting a lifetime of sailing the toughest tides of the ocean.

Those who are not interested in standing out from the crowd by changing their character should not bother searching for curses. On the other hand, if you think the opposite, prepare to spend several hours as these Curses are not easy to obtain.

There are currently four Curses in Sea of Thieves: The Ashen Curse, Curse of the Order, Shores of Gold Curse, and Pirate Legend Curse. All four Curses require you to complete a Tall Tale, which includes a number of missions called “commendations.” However, keep in mind that unlocking all four can be a long process. Having said that, here are all the Sea of Thieves curses.

Curse Sea of Thieves
Curse Sea of Thieves

Curse of the Order

Curse of the Order will probably be the first Curse you come across in Sea of Thieves. For it, you must complete the Cursed Rogue Tall Tale.

It is one of the first Tall Tales that you can unlock in Sea of Thieves. Thus, there is no reason why I shouldn’t try out this Curse first.

Among the commendations for The Cursed Rogue Tall Tale are:

  • The Rogue’s Key.
  • Relics of the Cursed Rouge.
  • Free at Last.
  • The Cursed Rogue.
  • The Hunter’s Trail.
  • Briggsy’s Greatest Foe.
  • Fateful Memories.
Cursed Sea of Thieves
Curseed Sea of Thieves

The Ashen Curse

The Ashen Curse can be obtained easily in Sea of Thieves. If you are unfamiliar with this tall tale, it was introduced with the Hearts of Fire update. In order to obtain it, you must complete the Tall Tale called “The Ashen Curse.”

The Blackwyche Reborn commendation is required to unlock this Curse. To reach this commendation, you must complete all the commendations in Heart of Fire. These include:

  • The Path of the Eternal King.
  • The Path of the Foresaken Flame.
  • The Path of the Burning Heart.
  • The Liar’s Hideout.
  • Sticher’s Schemes.
  • Heart of Fire.
  • Saver of Souls.
  • The Fire Rises.
  • The Blackwyche Reborn.

In order to reach the Blackwyche Reborn, you must complete each of these commendations successfully. Once you’ve completed the entire Tall Tale, you’ll acquire the Ashen Curse.

Cursed Eyes Sea of Thieves
Cursed Eyes Sea of Thieves

Shores of Gold Curse

Obtaining the Shores of Gold Curse requires you to complete the Shores of Gold Tall Tale, which happens to be the last Tall Tale in the main storyline. This Curse is the most difficult in the entire game. It involves completing all the Tall Tale commendations from the main questline as part of the final commendation. This requires a lot of work. It is the only option available if you intend to collect the four Curses.

As a reward for the Seeker of Grand Adventure commendation, you will receive the Shores of Gold Curse. For it to be reached, you must also complete the commendations that precede it. They are:

  • The Fabled Island.
  • Path to Forsaken Fortune.
  • Shores of Gold.
  • The Stain of Greed.
  • Lord of Gold.
  • Gold and Glory.
  • Seeker of Grand Adventure.
Fishing Sea of Thieves
Fishing Sea of Thieves

Pirate Legend Curse

The last curse is the Pirate Legend Curse. In order to unlock it, you need a Legendary Reputation level, which is 50 Reputation levels in the following companies:

  • Gold Hoarders
  • Merchant Alliance
  • Order of Souls
  • The Hunter’s Call
  • Sea Dogs
  • Reaper’s Bones
  • Athena’s Fortune

Equip your curse

After you complete a Tall Tale, the Curse will become available in your Vanity Chest. For those who won’t know, a Vanity Chest is located on your ship and can also be found at each outpost. Simply open the chest and navigate to the curses tab where you’ll find the curses waiting to be equipped.

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