How To Get Ancient Coins in Sea of Thieves?

Ancient Coins, a premium currency in Sea of Thieves, are used to purchase cosmetic items. They can be found and bought.


Ancient Coins are received when defeating “Ancient Skeletons”, 100-800 coins are given per Skeleton. Found across the map with a low spawn rate, farm with caution. 


Treasure Chest Ancient Coins
Treasure Chest Ancient Coins

What are Ancient Coins?

Sea of Thieves is a pirate adventure game that is constantly evolving. Sea of Thieves provides seasonal updates, like other live service games. Costumes, emotes, and other cosmetic items are frequently added to the premium store. To purchase some of the aesthetics they desire, players will need to accumulate a certain amount of currency. ( Curses cannot be bought)

Sea of Thieves will surely interest players trying it out for the first time because of the Pirates of the Caribbean-inspired items. Characters and cosmetics from the popular Disney franchise have been added to Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life update. Saving up Ancient Coins for some special cosmetic items has never been more exciting for new players and veterans alike.

How To Get Ancient Coins in Sea of Thieves

Ancient Coins can be obtained quickest and most easily by visiting the Pirate Emporium in-game or visiting the Microsoft or Steam Stores, depending on what platform you’re using. While it is possible to earn Ancient Coins without spending real money, it will take more work and patience. As an alternative to obtaining Ancient Coins, players can defeat rare Ancient Skeletons or achieve high Renown Levels during seasonal progression. By purchasing the current “Plunder Pass”, players can earn even more seasonal rewards.

Where to Find Ancient Skeletons in Sea of Thieves

Ancient Coins can be salvaged without spending real money by hunting down as many ancient skeletons as possible. The chance of finding Ancient Skeletons on any Island or Fort while playing Adventure Mode or the Arena is random. Ancient Skeletons are rare, but players can hear clattering coins and a certain music cue when they are near one. There is only a 20-second window in which players can defeat the skeleton and claim its Ancient Coins before it despawns. The entire crew will be rewarded when the Ancient Skeleton is found in Sea of Thieves co-op.

How to farm Ancient coins?

Skeletons have a small chance of spawning on any island or fort. It is not enough to arrive on an island and leave right away; you must stay there for a while, be active, and spend about 20 minutes on the island doing what needs to be done. The ancient skeletons won’t spawn if you land and leave.

Visit larger islands. There is a greater landmass on larger islands, which means there are more opportunities for emerging enemies. The more enemies you encounter, the more likely you are to encounter an Ancient Skeleton.

If you want to spend more time searching for Ancient Skeletons, try these activities.

  • Order of Souls Voyages
  • Gold Hoarder Vaults
  • Fishing

Ancient Skeletons can spawn in Forts, but they will never spawn in an Outpost because they are too small. As with Reaper’s Chests, Ancient Skeletons are more likely to spawn if there are more players on your server. If you’re in an empty server, your odds of encountering an Ancient Skeleton will be much, much lower.

Ancient Skeleton Rewards:

Tier 1: 100-200

Tier 2: 200-400

Tier 3: 400-800

Buy Ancient Coins

It is best to buy Ancient Coins with money, as mentioned above. The following table lists the various Ancient Coin bundles you can purchase and their USD price points.

Secret Stash of the Ancients (150 Ancient Coins) – $1.99

Lost Chest of the Ancients (550 Ancient Coins) – $5.99

Hidden Trove of the Ancients (1000 Ancient Coins) – $9.99

Royal Treasury of the Ancients (2550 Ancient Coins) – $22.99

Glittering Tribute of the Ancients (4250 Ancient Coins) – $34.99

The large pack offers the best value for your money (the Glittering Tribute of the Ancients). If you buy the 150 Ancient Coin bundle, each coin is worth 1.32 cents (a little over a cent) rather than 0.82 cents (just under a cent). If you just want to pick up a pet, the $5.99 bundle is going to be your best bet.

Browse the Pirate Emporium store to see what’s on offer. Add up the Ancient Coin prices of everything you want and proceed from there.

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