How to Fish in Sea of Thieves?

When you play as a pirate that’s always sailing the seas, your diet is mainly going to consist of seafood. Unlike most games, fishing is a bit trickier in Sea of Thieves because you’re going to need more than just a fishing rod. The fishing aspect of this game is a minigame in itself as it is quite a contrast to the chaos in the life of plundering and treasure hunting.

To start fishing in Sea of Thieves, you’ll only need two things: a fishing rod and a bait, equip rod and attach bait with R. 

Fishing Sea Of Thieves
Fishing Sea Of Thieves

Begin Fishing in Sea of Thieves

As players first join you are given a brand-new fishing rod upon entering the game’s anniversary update, so they’ve got the first thing covered for you. However, there are other variations and upgrades you can get as you level up or catch certain types of fish. Next off, some fish don’t require bait to be caught, but the rest of the sea fauna need some luring.

These are the three types of bait in the game and where they can be found:

  • Earthworms – Can be found by digging grass
  • Grubs – Can be found by digging sand
  • Leeches – Can be found by digging shorelines

On a side note, they can also be found in resource barrels around the world, especially in Seaposts where Merrick has set up his family’s shop.

Now that you have a fishing rod and – depending on the fish you want to catch – bait, you can start fishing! Stand next to a body of water, and you don’t need to be in a ship to do this. Equip your rod by opening the item wheel (Q on PC, LB on Xbox One), then navigate to the second wheel (F on PC, X on Xbox One). You should be able to see the rod and select it once you do, now that’s when the fun begins.

You can equip bait by opening up the same item wheel you’ve previously equipped your rod. There, you’ll find a prompt in the center of the dial that says “Attach Bait” (R on PC, Y on Xbox One). Once you’ve selected this, pick any bait you want to use on the menu. To cast your line out, press LMB on PC or RT on Xbox One. Regardless of where you aim, fish will show up even if they seem far away. Just make sure to not have any obstacles in between you or the fish, or else it’ll break the fishing line. Now all you have to do is wait…

Before we get into what happens after we catch fish, I must remind you a rookie mistake that people usually make once they see fish taking a bite out of their line: reeling it in immediately. This is what I mean by patience – you have to tire the creature out by using the ASD keys on PC or the left analog stick on Xbox One until they stop thrashing around. If not, the line will snap. When you’re ready, start reeling it as fast as you can in the opposite direction they’re swimming until they’re caught. Once a success, take it off the hook (F on PC, X on Xbox One) and it’ll be added to your food inventory when it’s not full.

Fishes Sea Of Thieves Variations
Fishes Sea Of Thieves Variations

Different Types of Fish in Sea of Thieves

There are 10 species of fish and each of them has 50 variants, which means that there are 500 types of fish you can find in Sea of Thieves.


No BaitEarthwormsGrubsLeeches


Fishing Rods in Sea of Thieves

Surprisingly, there are a lot of variations of fishing rods in Sea of Thieves. There are rods that help you catch even bigger fish. However, most of them are purely for aesthetic purposes. Still, it doesn’t mean they’re not worth getting. There are currently about 53 kinds of fishing rods you can get, here’s a ranking of the best fishing rods in the game:

  1. Silver Blade Fishing Rod – This will make other pirates envy you, as this rod is extremely rare. In order to acquire it, you have to play the game’s Insider build for an hour each week, for a total of 51 weeks.
  2. Legendary Fishing Rod – From the name alone, this should entice you to start your fishing endeavors. It’s only available to purchase once you reach the Pirate Legend title, plus it looks great!
  3. Ghost Fishing Rod – Now this one is different and a bit more spookier than the others. After delivering 50 fish to the Hunter’s Call on Pirate Legend, you can get this rod which glows in the dark.
  4. Kraken Fishing Rod – Not only is the design of this rod insane, but the only way you obtain it is. This fishing rod is only available to those with the Hunter of Snowfishes title, which means you have to fish during storms.
  5. Forsaken Ashes Fishing Rod – This isn’t the best-looking one out of all the variations that were mentioned, but it’s the rarest of them all. How do you get it? You need to collect all Devilfish, which can only be found on dangerous areas such as volcanoes, geysers, and molten rocks.

Some rods are naturally gained by completing curses and tall tales

Fishing Sea Of Thieves
Fishing Sea Of Thieves

How To Make Fishing Easier in Sea of Thieves

Did you know that you can add fishing rod stands on your ships? This is great for solo pirates who like multitasking, attach a fishing rod to the stand and wait until the bell rings so you can go and catch the fish. Harpoons can also help you catch bigger fish; they’re usually found beside the cannons in your ship. If you hadn’t known this yet, you should definitely try this out.

Fish Farming Loot
Fish Farming Loot

What can I do with my fish?

Now that we have fish, what can we do with it? Well, you can eat it raw if you want to get food poisoning and decrease your health. However, I don’t recommend that. There are two other things you can do with your catch: cook and sell. You can cook fish in your ship or in campfires as long as they have stoves and skillets. Trophy fish take longer to cook, but you can tell once a fish is cooked once a puff of white smoke appears, their eyes are completely white, or when they turn golden brown. Be careful though, or else you’ll burn it.

If you don’t care much about eating your fish, you can still sell them at the Hunter’s Call and reap rewards for it. You might not want to skip cooking, because you actually get more gold from cooked fish. Apart from gold, you can win titles for collecting trophy fish.

Now that we’ve talked about everything you need to know about fishing in Sea of Thieves, you’re pretty much set to be the greatest fisher in the game. Even though you might not be the greatest sword and gunfighter or treasure hunter, at least you can flaunt your fishing rods to show that you’re good at something!

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