How To Dye Skins Lost Ark?

How To Dye Skins Lost Ark? Lost Ark is so choke-full of content and features that it is often easy to miss some features or get confused about them. Among the multitudes of outfits and equipment in the game, there is no shortage of style and variety to choose from. Dye skins is the best feature to make yourself unique in the game.

Dye skins in Lost Ark by locating NPC with Scissor icon, you will need Magick Society Dye Reagent to apply dye. Only Individual skins are available to customize.

How To Dye Skins Lost Ark?

Certain requirements must be fulfilled in order to color skins in Lost Ark. To begin, you’ll need skins that can be coloured. Unfortunately, you can only dye individual skins in the game right now, not armor or equipment. This is due to the limited number of skins available. Only cache skins are now dyeable. And there are just a few of them, and most of them cost 1000 gold or actual money to purchase.

After you’ve obtained a dyeable skin, you’ll need to locate an NPC with a scissor-like icon(Look Image). They can be found in all of the main cities and villages.

Map Icon For Dye Customization
Map Icon For Dye Customization

To have all Dye options you will need:

  • Magick Society Pattern Reagent x 10
  • Magick Society Dye Reagent x 10
  • Magick Society Shine Reagent x 10

Dye Reagent being the important one that will JUST add color, shine reagent is an optional step that will make the skin shine. Pattern reagent allows textures to be added, mainly to clothing skins not weapon skins.

For each layer of each armor piece that you want to dye, it will cost 10x reagent, and the more shine you want on your armor, the more reagent you will need.

Dye Dashboard Lost ARK
Dye Dashboard Lost ARK

Dye Reagent, How to get it?

Reagents can only be obtained by purchasing them with real money. The one exception to this is Login rewards.

For your fourth and sixth consecutive logins, you will receive 30 each. This is a new addition to the game, and there aren’t many ways to obtain them. It is possible that you may receive some in Miscellaneous if you look carefully. Reagent rewards from loot and through side quests do exist but not common.

As you can see, armor dyeing in Lost Ark isn’t fully fleshed out yet, as it should be. Currently, the system is underdeveloped, and we can only hope future updates will fix these problems.

Below Are Our Favorite Dyes for Armor and Weapons

Gunlancer Dye

The dye gear available to Gunlancers in Lost Ark is one of its most impressive features. Gunlancers are not only DPS classes, but lean toward it as well. PvP success requires decision-making and a unique skill set. In addition to their tankiness, Gunlancers can deal incredible amounts of damage in short periods of time.

Gunlancers’ primary role is to soak as much damage as possible, while most classes can take some damage and be effective solo. Thus, he will keep mobs focused on him and take as much damage as possible. Due to the Gunlancer’s excellent damage and casting time, he won’t be slowed down too much by heavy mobs. In addition to dealing decent damage, gunlancers can also be used for solo content. Despite not being the fastest class in the game, he can clear most content without much assistance.

Berserker Dye

A Berserker, for instance, can be painted in any color, including blue for a nerfed version. Your Berserker’s skin should be dark. The Berserker class is usually the first class you’ll encounter, and it’s considered one of the strongest in the game. Blue or purple are great colors if you want something unique.

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