How to Craft ARK Survival Evolved

As the name suggests, ARK: Survival Evolved is a game all about survival and if you want to do that, you’ll need to know how to craft. The good news is that crafting in this game is pretty easy as long as you know what you’re doing. You can even multitask by crafting and continuing to explore at the same time, but keep in mind that your movement speed will be limited.

Craft by pressing V Key on PC (Circle key + R1 on PS4, or B key + RB on Xbox.) This will show you all the Blueprints  called Engrams that you have learned and what materials are required to make each item.

Crafting Beach Farm
Crafting Beach Farm

How to Craft ARK: Survival Evolved?

Many items are held in stacks of one hundred while others like armor and tools are not stacked. Creatures and storage units can also hold items in its inventory.

You can access your Crafting Menu by pressing V Key on PC (Circle key then the R1 on PS4, or B key then the RB on Xbox.) This will show you all the Blueprints  called Engrams that you have learned and what materials are required to make each item.

Once you’ve gathered enough materials to craft your desired engram return to the Crafting Menu and select the Engram and craft it by either double-tap the Interact/Confirm button Cross, or A to make (1). Read along to deep dive into each part and all their requirements.

Crafting ARROW
Crafting ARROW

Why Do You Need To Craft?

If you’ve never played a survival sandbox game, the concept of crafting may seem ludicrous. Throughout most games, you are given access to a number of tools and resources that you might need.

Almost any item that is not a raw material must be crafted in Ark Survival Evolved before it can be used. For example, if you’d like a Water Jar or perhaps a wooden foundation for your base, or even a campfire for cooking, you’ll need to craft it.

At first, crafting everything might seem tedious. You only need to worry about three things when crafting something in the game now:

  • Engram / blueprint
  • Raw materials
  • A device for crafting

Ark Survival Evolved has a giant map, so you’ll never have any trouble finding the resources you need.

What are engrams in ARK?

While crafting any item, you’re going to need its Engram first. Engrams can be regarded as the recipe or instructions for any product. As you level up in the game, you earn Engram points that can be used to learn these Engrams. As soon as you earn enough points, you can invest them in learning the Engrams.

Sometimes, it’s not as simple as that. Before you can unlock/learn certain Engrams, you may need to fulfill certain requirements.

You might need a certain number of Engram points but also a specific level. As an example, the basic Campfire requires 3 Engram Points and level 2. You will not be able to unlock the recipe if you already have 3 Engram Points but are not level 2.

There are also other requirements, such as having unlocked Engrams of other items. The Campfire Engram is required for you to unlock other Engrams, such as the Cooking Pot and the Industrial Grill. As a result, you need to keep these in mind and hover over the Engram that you want to learn to determine if it has prerequisites.

Blueprints in ARK

They work much like Engrams, but you don’t need to learn them before using them, nor do you need to invest any points. Blueprints are instead found at Beacons scattered across all maps.

After you have one in your inventory, you can use it as much as you like (as long as you have the materials and crafting station, that is).

There are also certain requirements for beacons, and unfortunately you cannot approach every beacon you see. The long beams of light, which come in various colors, mark incoming cargo crates.

Supplies can be found in these crates, however blueprints are more important. Certain colored beacons, however, can only be accessed at a specific level. They are as follows:

The higher the level, the better the loot. Higher Tier versions of standard Engrams is always found in a supply crate

Resources to Farm?

Next, you will need resources in order to craft whatever it is you’re trying to create in Ark Survival Evolved.

By hovering over the Engram, you can see the amount and name of the raw material needed. Sometimes the resources don’t show if this is the case, click “Toggle Tooltips” in the top-right menu of the crafting section.

Raw materials are plentiful on the island, so you won’t have much trouble gathering them. Moreover, as long as there is no foundation nearby, they will spawn in the same place as before. As a result, if you find a good spot for a material you use often, you can keep using it.

Initially, you won’t need much in the way of raw materials. Generally, you will need:

Found on the beach:

  • Wood
  • Thatch
  • Stone
  • Flint
  • Fiber
  • Keratin
  • Feces

Found deeper in the jungle:

  • Metal
  • Oil
  • Crystal
  • Silica Pearls
  • Hide
  • Pelt
  • Chitin

As you advance, you will need more exotic resources, such as pearls and compound materials. Compound materials are a combination of different resources. Mixtures can be made of two or more raw materials or a combination of raw materials and compound materials. Sparkpowder, for instance, requires you to combine Flint and Stone in a mortar and pestle.

Crafting Station

In Ark Survival Evolved, a crafting station is the last step for master Crafting. The game has a number of stations where you can create various items.

As an example: If you want to create Metal Ingots or Irrigation Pipes, you will need the smithy + Refining Forge.

However, these stations can be nested further. Depending on the station, you might need another station to craft it. To create an assault rifle or firearm, you need the Fabricator. But you will need a smithy in order to create a Fabricator.

Therefore, you should consider the relevant workstations. It would be a waste to spend all that time gathering resources only to realize you can’t even craft the item due to the absence of a crafting station.

Crafting SKill
Crafting SKill

What Does Crafting Skill Do In ARK?

The crafting skill is a specific stat that you put your levels into.

In order to understand the effects of the crafting skill, let’s compare the cases where your crafting skill is at the base and when it has many points invested.

The blueprint specifies exactly what you will get if you craft it with base crafting skills. Therefore, if you crafted a weapon with 240% damage, you would get 240% damage on the weapon.

It is possible to get weapons that do greater damage than 240% if you have a high crafting skill. When you invest all your points in crafting skills, the damage can go up to 300%.

However, that’s not realistic, so you should expect an average damage increase of ten to fifteen percent, depending on how many points you’ve invested.

In addition, the greater the number of points you invest in crafting skill, the faster your crafting will be.

Read our guide on Crafting skill to fully understand!

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