How many unique bosses in Elden Ring?

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Final Boss

Elden Ring has a total of 13 main bosses to complete the full storyline. Out of the total 83 bosses found in game only 8 are unique. By unique we mean: Not tarnished/player model hominoids, not reused in any way shape or form. But why is there a large confusion on how many bosses there really are?
The game has main story bosses, bosses in between the main ones, and optional bosses that can be avoided completely. We count the bosses that are required to finish the story. Elden Ring has 83 bosses spread across its huge open world. They include story bosses, optional bosses, and bosses between the main bosses that appear in required areas, but don’t give great runes. Legacy Dungeons have bosses called Lords that you’ll have to defeat. So far, we know that there are 8 “Demigods” or Lords to deal with.
In a real playthrough, a player will encounter dozens of these bosses. The bosses in Elden Ring provide a bunch of loot and rewards that let you progress through the story. Farming these guys will provide you with talismans and weapons later on.

These Demigods, or Lords, aren’t like the optional bosses. To complete the campaign, you’ll need to get the Great Souls provided by the main bosses. Lost Graces direct you to these legacy dungeons, which lead you to the main dungeons in.

What are the names of the Unique Bosses in Elden Ring?

  1. Rennala Queen of the Full Moon
  2. Starscourge Radahn
  3. God-Devouring Serpent
  4. Fire Giant
  5. Dragonlord Placidusax
  6. Malenia Blade of Miquella
  7. Gurranq Beast Clergyman
  8. Radagon of the Golden Order

Our Favorite Bosses :

  • Morgott, The Omen King: In order to find Morgott the player must first defeat Godfrey’s shade and then head east towards the balcony, where a branch leads up to the second level of the room. A player can then proceed across the bridge to the Queen’s Bedchamber site of grace. The player must continue south to reach the boss room, where Morgott, the Omen King can be found.
  • Godrick the Grafted: Stormveil Castle’s ruler is Godrick the Grafted, and he is also the area’s last boss. It is not necessary to fight Godrick the Grafted in order to continue to the next area of Elden Ring. Instead, you can choose to fight him later on in the game. Upon defeat, he drops Remembrance of the Grafted.
  • Mohg, Lord of Blood. Located inside the Siofra River, the Mohgwyn Palace, he is a highly powerful Omen Demigod specializing in blood magic.
  • Godfrey, First Elden Lord. (physical form) Lives in the Royal Capital, Leyndell Captial of ash, a place only accessible after you’ve made significant progress in the story. The player MUST defeat this boss to progress in Elden Ring.
  • Lichdragon Fortissax. The Deeproot Depths are home to this massive four-winged black dragon, which can unleash powerful lightning attacks. There is no need to defeat this boss, however it is required in order to complete Fia’s quest line and unlock the “Age of Duskborn” ending.
  • Regal Ancestor Spirit. The boss in Elden Ring is a large animated carcass of a deer who has access to more skills than its counterpart. This boss, is found in Nokron, Eternal City and

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