How To Use Holy Grease Elden Ring

The item Holy Grease can be found in Elden Ring. For weapons that cannot receive upgrades and incantations, grease is still useful as long as it is applied properly.

Use Holy Grease by equipping it via Quick Access Slots, press X/R button to apply the coating to the weapon. Holy Coating lasts 60 seconds and attacks deal 85 additional Holy Damage

It’s Usage

As a consumable, Holy Grease imbues your weapons with the power of holy damage. A few short moments after you craft or find it, you can apply it to your main hand weapon to give you additional damage for a few moments. It will also deal even more holy damage to those enemies who are weak to it.

How To Craft Holy Grease?

For crafting Holy Grease, you will need the Missionary’s Cookbook [4] along with these Crafting Materials:

  • Golden Sunflower (x1)
  • Root Resin (x1)

Video Guide on how to farm and craft:

How Many Greases Are There?

In this game, you can choose from 12 different versions of Grease. They all have faster counter-parts that last longer and apply more quickly. These are extremely important when using a Regular Weapon, and should be saved for harder boss fights as they will deal more damage and make the fight easier.

Make sure you use them wisely since they only last a limited amount of time. Spend some time exploring and you’ll find many uses for every one of them.


There Are Many Kinds of Grease

Where is Missionary’s Cookbook (4) Found?

A description of the crafting techniques left by a man who was denied the opportunity to become a Finger Maiden. Instead, he became a missionary to spread the holy teachings.

In the Capital Outskirts region of the Altus Plateau, outside of Leyndell, is The Missionary’s Cookbook 4. Find the corpse in the middle of the ruined church along the road southeast of the Phantom Tree Site of Grace.

Recipes include the following:


  • Holy Grease
  • Drawstring Holy Grease
  • Haligbone Arrow
  • Haligbone Arrow (Fletched)
  • Haligbone Bolt


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