Godrics Great Rune Not Working : Easy Fix

Godrics Great Rune sitting in your inventory cannot serve you in battle. In fact, it cannot do much at all initially. You’ll need to follow a set of steps to reap its benefits

FIX Godrics Great Rune Not Working

  1. Locate the Divine Tower at North-East from Stormveil Castle
  2. Interact with godrics great rune on top of the Divine Tower and it will be yours
  3. Equip the rune at any Site of Grace
  4. After equipped activate the rune by using RUNE ARC
    This process guarantees that the rune will work, the most common issue is forgetting to use rune arc!
Divine Castle
Below we go in depth how this whole process works

Access Stormveil Castle Divine Tower

Elden Ring’s Divine Tower of Limgrave appears impossible to reach. Due to the collapse of a bridge, you’re probably wondering how to get to Stormveil Castle.

Limgrave’s Divine Tower is accessible as soon as you gain access to Stormveil Castle, but the door there will only open once you defeat Godrick the Grafted. However, as soon as you have Godrick’s Great Rune in your possession, you can return it to the tower for restoration.

To get to this shrine, sprint through Stormveil’s deadly main gate and turn right (Eastern) through the shrine that houses the Lion Guardian. You can use the Site of Grace ahead of you to reset your pursuers, then follow the bridge east-to-northeast, avoiding the giant Golems’ arrows and attacks along the way. Once you reach the end, you will find a teleportation portal which will take you to the door of the Divine Tower of Limgrave – simply use the door to get inside and take the elevator up.

Interact With Godrics Great Rune

After being teleported to the Divine Tower of Limgrave, proceed to the imposing doors at its base, and push them open. Go up the elevator.

After you have reached the top, find the thing in the middle that looks like two fingers and has a glowing, shimmering light between them. Interact with it and the Godrick’s Great Rune has been restored.



Equip The Great Rune

Visit any site of grace, and you will see a new option available: Great Runes. You can equip the Great Rune of Godrick from this menu. When active, it increases all your stats by five – very helpful during boss battles.

Activating it is still required once it’s equipped. This is done by consuming Rune Arc. For the remainder of your current life, they increase your maximum health and activate any Great Rune you possess. It is best to save your Rune Arcs to give you an edge over certain bosses


What Is Rune Arc Elden Ring

The use of Rune Arcs can be puzzling to say the least, and players are likely to encounter them early on as they journey through Elden Ring. It is a rare consumable, and what it does is hidden until players uncover Great Runes.

The Arcs alone can boost stats like HP, but they are only small. It is not worth it to use such a rare item for such a temporary purpose. The real power of the Rune Arc lies in its ability to be with great runes


How To Use Rune Arc

Found among your flasks under the tools tab in your inventory in Elden Ring. I recommend to use Rune Arcs to gain the effects of your Godrics great rune or other great runes.

Rune Arcs can also be added to your equipment bar, or hotkeyed into your pouch. You won’t need them at a moment’s notice since they don’t offer any on-the-fly benefits. We recommend to use Rune Arcs before boss fights.


Where To Find Rune Arcs

Rune Arcs is found through general exploration. These items will be marked with a blue tint, the color associated with special items. Playing multiplayer in Elden Ring also gives you Rune Arcs. When you help another player defeat a boss or fend off invaders in their world, you’ll receive a Rune Arc. Invading other worlds and killing the Host of Fingers can also earn you Rune Arcs.

The Twin Maiden Husks in Roundtable Hold are selling five of them. Each one costs 4,000 runes.

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