Godfrey Weakness Elden Ring

Godfrey has weakness towards Bleed, Frost and Scarlet Rot. Godfrey’s aggressive style allows him to deal the most damage to the main Tarnished. Hence, any ranged summon can successfully fight Godfrey if you are even mildly aggressive in melee attacks.

Who is Godfrey?

From a lore perspective, Godfrey is the first Elden Lord and husband to Queen Marika, with the latter being directly responsible for the events of Elden Ring. As a result of her actions, The Lands Between are the way they are now.

As early as she could, Marika protected her lineage from Destined Death by removing the death rune from the Elden Ring. Marika aside, Godfrey is an extremely powerful legend in the world of Elden Ring. He did not inherit his prowess from demi-god lineage, a curse, or anything similar. Like the playable character, he was only human.


Godfrey Weakness and How To Beat Easier

Considering Godfrey is the penultimate boss, neither of his phases are that challenging. This fight can really benefit from having another opponent in the arena, who the boss can occasionally attack.

That’s why it’s a great idea to ring the bell to summon a Spirit Ash to give you an edge over him. Since many of the boss’ attacks have wide ranges, ideally you want something tanky. Despite the 1.03 patch nerf, the Mimic Tear remains a top-tier summon.

Similarly to many of the bosses in Elden Ring, Godfrey has weakness towards Bleed, Frost and Scarlet Rot.. If he gets hit, he will be considerably debuffed. Continue to apply these effects, he will eventually succumb to the elements.

Godfrey Boss VS Player
Godfrey Boss VS Player

Godfrey Phase One ( First Elden Lord )

Godfrey will be a little reserved, showing a weak side before going all barbaric on you. That doesn’t mean the fight will be easy; he will just be less aggressive and dangerous during this phase.

Godfrey is relatively slow and mostly uses his axe to attack. The axe attacks can be dodged, but be careful not to get hit by the handle, as the length can fool you.

Godfrey usually begins a fight with an axe throw before slamming down to grab it and start a combo. This move is easy to avoid, making it a mayor weakness for godfrey – simply dodge into him, though do note that doing so will put you behind him and you won’t be able to attack him until you close the distance again.

During this phase, his axe combos range from two to five hits. In general, you can anticipate Godfrey’s attacks, but his windup can sometimes make it difficult to know when to hit him.

He poses a real threat with his AOE attacks, because of their extreme range. As Godfrey stomps, he creates a couple of different ways to damage you from a distance. While the boss is focused on your summon, you may still be hit because the boss’s stomps can cover a wide area.

You have to watch out for two kinds of stomps during this phase. The first one uses a foot stomp to send spikes through the ground. There are times when this is a circle around him, and other times it is only a cone in front of him. It’s the same tactic for each of them: jump like a rabbit!

The stomps cover a wide area but don’t reach above the surface, so jumping is your best option. Do it immediately after you see his foot hit the ground. Jump repeatedly if necessary. Additionally, jumping enables you to land an overhead heavy attack, provided you’re close enough to him. However, don’t commit to the attack until he’s finished stomping.

Another type of stomp is more dangerous, which is when Godfrey increases his power. You can tell he is about to send shockwaves through the arena when you see him raise his axe and slowly raise his knee. Abuse this weakness of godfrey and try to dodge the following attacks, but be aware that any follow-up stomps he performs will also be boosted. Stomps will generate both spikes and shockwaves as a result.

When he follows up his stomping with an axe ground slam, he is likely to plant the axe even further into the ground, which creates a fissure (typically in a straight line) that will deal damage when it appears, and another time through the spikes it will send up. Time your dodges to avoid both. If you jumped over the stomp, either jump again when the orange fissure appears, or dodge the rising debris.

Godfrey Weakness
Godfrey Weakness

Phase 2 ( Hoarah Loux, Warrior )

The situation will get more interesting once Godfrey’s health drops below 50%. As soon as he takes off all his armour and throws away the axe, he’ll reveal himself as Hoarah Loux.

Though you won’t have to worry about an axe in this phase, that somehow makes him more dangerous. The goal of this phase is for Hoarah Loux to grab you and execute an extremely damaging anime-style move that could very easily kill you.

You will be grappled by some of his attacks, and most of them will knock you off your feet. It is a canned animation in which the boss leaps after you before smacking you into the ground.

Because any one of three moves could combo into that anime throw, it makes it hard to anticipate and dodge the grapple. Dodging to the sides or away from him will lower your chances of getting grabbed.

In this phase, the stomps do return, and they come out faster. Whenever he roars, he will boost up his stomp. He’ll leap into the air, land, and slam his hand into the ground, followed by his other hand. A shockwave will be sent out when his second fist hits the ground. A second later, the same thing will happen as he removes his hands. Additionally, debris flew out of the ground after this attack. You will have to dodge three times: first to avoid the landing slam, then when he plants the second fist, and finally to avoid the final wave/debris.

It is important to note that the initial roar will also knock you back, making it more difficult to dodge the upcoming ground slam as you may not be able to get up quickly enough. He give himself a weakness by providing us information when something will happen

The lighter stomp that sends out ground spikes is also back, and it does about the same damage and has a small reach. Finally, the long knee-raising stomp will show up every now and then, sending out a shockwave with the addition of spikes in a circle around him. He follows that up with a similar attack by slamming both his fists into the ground – dodge both.

When Godfrey is about to launch himself at you, he usually opens his chest. This will either end in a grapple or an uppercut. Dodge to the side. When he crosses his arms, he’s about to perform a big grapple. Your biggest weakness to godfrey is the canned animation, avoid to by dodging to either side. Even though it looks cool, it’s probably going to get you killed – depending on how much HP you have at that point.

In general, your best chances in this phase come at the end of his attack chains, especially if you dodge the shockwaves and spikes. He uses those to hold you back, slow you down, or otherwise interrupt you. If none of those things happens, you’ll be able to easily get in and do major damage. You can land a hit or two if you dodge into him when he’s using his fists to attack you. Allowing you to deal some extra damage

In this fight, a fully-upgraded weapon will serve you well; you’ll just need to get close to the enemy.

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