Fastest Dinosaur ARK

There are many different creatures in ARK Survival Evolved, a common question asked is which one is the best ? We took that to the test conducted an experiment

Manamagar took the first spot as the fastest creature in ARK, beating the previous leader Gallimimus with 3.79 seconds. The test used base movement speed when sprinting, no abilities used and everyone had a base level of 90.

Fastest Dinosaur in ARK: Survival Evolved

A test was conducted featuring the creatures in Ark that are known to be fast, with the objective of verifying which dinosaur was the fastest. The testing was done on  a 100% flat surface that was 60 foundations long, the results were as followed:


Fastest Dinosaur Test Thoughts

The old ranker Gallimimus who held the spot since 2015 has officially lost to the Mana, to some this may come as a surprise and for others it’s obvious.

What we will point out is that the Andrewsarchus who was released in the newest map Fjordor has a passive ability that increases its momentum to a greater extent than the Rhino, meaning in a race for a longer distance the results may differ.

We decided not to take a test longer than 60 foundations due to creatures hardly being able to run 10 foundations straight, making it unrealistic when actually playing the game.

The full unedited video version of testing will be available here

The Fastest Dinosaur Winner ARK

Manamagar Is the fastest dinosaur in ARK because of its jet-like abilities that propel you through the air. It can glide and fly just like a jet plane, this creature is extremely evasive as it can rapidly change directions.

Saddles are required when it is tamed. When mounting the fastest dinosaur in ark, the Player can use the Managamr’s airborne abilities. However, they are very short lived due to the high stamina cost. In order to travel at high speeds, the Managarmr can perform a long and quick forward dash.

Based on the number of points invested in stamina and movement speed, the distance of the dash changes. Basically, this attack deals AOE damage and is often used as a ground pound attack or for sheer travel speed. This creature is also capable of using frost breath attack, the target of this attack will be frozen for a period of time after being hit.

Travel Dinosaur/Pursuit Creature:

Managarmr’s boosting ability is indeed quite useful, however due to the overwhelming stamina cost of jumping and boosting (left-clicking in the air), brief bursts of travel can be rendered ineffective. Nevertheless, Managarmr can walk faster than most creatures can run, and when running, it does not drain stamina as quickly, and can run at blistering speeds capable of chasing down Gallimimus. Gallimimus held the record for the fastest dinosaur.

If using a Managarmr for travel, it might be better to use its boosting ability only for crossing gaps or scaling vertical obstacles like cliffs or mountains. Because of its blistering speed, Managarmr is also excellent at pursuit, as it can easily keep up with the fastest of creatures and run them down without much effort. A Mangarmr is a master swimmer and runner, which makes him a very desirable dinosaur for every player.


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