How To Use Drawstring Fire Grease Elden Ring

Drawstring Fire Grease appears throughout Elden Ring as a Consumable.

An incendiary mixture made into a solidified grease. Attached to it is a short string. It quickly coats armaments, causing fire damage, but with a brief effect, due to its size.

Equip Drawstring Fire Grease in Quick Access Slots, then press X/R to apply it to the weapon. Drawstring Coating lasts 10 seconds and causes attacks to deal 110 additional Fire Damage

Its Usage

In order to imbue your weapons with the power of fire, you can use the Drawstring Fire Grease. Whether it’s crafted or found, it can be applied to your mainhand weapon in a few short moments to deal additional damage for a while, and can also deal additional fire damage to enemies who are weak to this element. How to use it correctly.

How To Drawstring Fire Grease?

You will need the Armorer’s Cookbook [1] as well as the following Crafting Materials:


Video Guide on how to farm and craft:

How Many Greases Are There?

There are twelve different variations of grease in this game. Each has a faster counterpart that lasts longer and applies quickly. These are essential for Regular Weapons. They are best used against harder bosses because they deal more damage and make the fight easier.

Due to their short lifespan, make sure you use them wisely. Each one has its own unique uses.

There Are Many Kinds of Grease

Armorer’s Cookbook 1

To Locate Armorer’s Cookbook 1 Locate the Site of Grace “Limgrave: Murkwater Coast”, head southwest and you’ll come across a small camp that the royal army uses.

There are wolves and guards inside, but be careful because a horserider will patrol the camp as well. You can find Armorer’s Cookbook 1 inside the campsite on a table

The recipes below are included:

  • Fireproof Dried Liver
  • Fire Grease
  • Drawstring Fire Grease


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