Decomposed Infected Location Lost Ark

Decomposed Infected is one of the hidden bosses in Lost Ark that is required for completing your Adventurer’s Tome, players struggle to locate the creature so how does one get to finding it?

Located in Rethramis Border, in the Dungeon Aquilok’s Tail. Inside the dungeon, head to the bottom left of the map to locate Decomposed Infected.

Continue reading for a step by step walkthrough.

Decomposed Infected Location Lost ARk

Decomposed Infected Basics

Stated Above it is located in the Ankumo Mountain Region which is in Rethramis. Upon completing the Prologue in Trua (The Forgotten Land), the players will arrive at this location for the first time.

Since this region was available early, it is relatively easy to complete, making the dungeon that must be entered easy as well. Minimum required item level to enter is: 65

With the basics out of  the way, let’s get into the walkthrough.

Enter Aquilok’s Tail

As you arrive at Retharmis Border you will see a dungeon Icon on the map ingame at the top left, head to the location and enter Aquilok’s Tail where “Decomposed Infected” is located. The image below highlights the location, it is fairly safe to travel to with low level mobs spawning around it.

Aquilok’s Tail Location Lost ARk

Lost Ark Decomposed Infected Location

Having entered the dungeon, you will be tasked with completing it. Since our goal is to locate the Decomposed Infected, this task is not required. Head to the bottom left of the map to find the monster, image below showcase it’s appearance and location

Decomposed Infected Location and Appearance Lost ARk

Defeat Decomposed Infected

As you arrive at the location the monster will appear out of the ground with  a higher health and damage compared to the nearby monsters, approach carefully and avoid its attack with Movement Skill. Once defeated you have successfully received the completion in the Adventurer’s Tome.

I hope this guide helped you locate and defeat Decomposed Infected, feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions regarding Lost Ark!

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