Daughter in Peril Lost Ark

Daughter in Peril is a quest to Infiltrate Kalthertz and get information on who abducted Nison’s daughter. He describes the situation in detail and gives you the task of getting information on her whereabouts. An NPC has the answer but you need to respond to his questions with the right answer.

  1. It’s Grace
  2. She’s Young
  3. Blond.
  4. No

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Daughter in Peril Guide Lost ARK

Daughter in Peril Guide

Right next to the continent Shushire is an island called Kalthertz, this is where the quest is located and has a few requirements:

With all these prepared you can complete the Daughter in Peril with ease, there are no enemies to deal with which is a bonus. Let’s get into it.

Kalthertz Location Lost ARK

Locate Quest

Perhaps the most obvious step, starting the quest. Located in Kalthertz deeper parts, follow the snowy path to the NPC called Nison. A robust character who will tell the story about his daughter’s kidnapping.

Daughter in Peril Location

Talk to Marson

Daughter in Peril starts off with having to talk to Marson, located next to Nison. He is not the most talkative one, forcing you to find another NPC who can give you the answers.

Marson NPC Location Lost Ark
Marson NPC Location Lost Ark

Talk to  Rekcel

This is where the quest gets hard, you will have to start a dialogue with Rekcel and answer his questions accordingly. I sorted out the correct answers below:

  1. “What is the name of the prisoner you’re looking for?”
    It’s Grace
  2. “Too common of a name, could you tell me something more specific. Her age?”
    She’s Young
  3. “This Grace, what colours her hair?”
  4. I Think i remember her, does she have emerald-coloured eyes?
Rekcel NPC Location
Rekcel NPC Location

As the NPC continues to talk and recalls Grace, it seems like Nison’s daughter was ransomed. Tell him about the discovery

Complete Daughter in Peril

Revisit Nison and explain the current situation, this will complete the quest and grant you the rewards. With the completion of the quest a new one becomes available. So why is this quest important? Due to the huge amount of rewards given:

Reward NameReward Amount
Roster XP165
Pirate Coins900


For 16,500 Pirate Coins, you can purchase The Song of Resonance with your Pirate Coins. It unlocks one of the most advantageous locations and objectives in the game, making it very important and expensive. While 900 is just a fraction it is more than you come across normally.

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