What Does Crafting Skill Do In ARK? : TESTED

Crafting is an essential skill in ARK: Survival Evolved, with so many resources for crafting scattered around the world, you will be able to upgrade your stone-age tools into technological marvels.

By increasing Crafting Skill your crafting speed and quality of blueprints will increase. Every point you put into Crafting Skill adds 0.5% increase to the blueprints stats. Making it possible for a 50 armor blueprint to craft up a 100 item.

Crafting Skill and What it Does in ARK

Crafting Skill is one of your character’s stats that you upgrade with points you gain after every level. Increasing crafting skill will make your Crafting speed faster. Apart from the speed the item you choose to craft with a blueprint has a % chance of becoming better.

To benefit from using crafting skill, I recommend that the stats have at least 100 points, otherwise the crafting received is rarely worthwhile. Since the amount of levels you need we recommend to use mindwipe to temporarily max out the stat then consume it again to revent to your original stats.

The buff to blueprints only applies to blueprints found within ARK, meaning it does not work on the basic engram/blueprint you can learn by leveling up. There is 1 exception that we will go into detail later on.

Every point you put into Crafting Skill adds 0.5% to the maximum damage or armor of the item you decide to craft. This means that every level has a higher chance of creating better weapons and tools.


Is Crafting Skill Worth it?

Here I compare blueprints and the speed to craft items, helping you decide if it is really worth it. As stated before I always say it’s worth if the points invested is above 100.
Apart from the 0.5% increase to the item crafted it will also increase crafting speed by 10% for each level.

Speed Difference:
(We use arrows as an example, crafting speed will affect all the same.)

Crafting Quality:
(I used REX Blueprint as an example, crafting skill will affect all the same.)

Custom Recipe
Custom Recipe

Recipe Quality Water:
(Recipe can be used by anyone and you can still reap it’s benefits)

Crafting Skill On Official Network?

Blueprints have limitations on the official servers, not allowing crafting skill to become too strong. The limitations are towards armor and damage of items that can be crafted. Listed below are the caps!

ARK Saddle Armor Cap

Cap Giga Saddles
Cap Giga Saddles

Saddles in ARK: Survival Evolved allow you to ride various creatures. To ride a creature, you must craft the correct saddle and equip it from the creature’s inventory.

  • Doedicurus 74.5%
  • Quetzal 74.5%
  • Bronto 59.6%
  • Carbonemys 59.6%
  • Paracer 99.2%
  • Megachelon Platform 115%
  • Magmasaur 143.8%
  • Remaining dinosaur has 124% ( With the exception of gen2 blueprint, they allow to cap up to 143.8%)

ARK Armor Cap

Capped Tek Suit
Capped Tek Suit

Armor are items that players wear to protect themselves from the environment and each other. All armor types have 5 parts: helmet, chest, legs, gauntlet and boots

  • Ghillie  158.7%
  • Fur  198.4%
  • Flak  496%
  • Riot  570.4%
  • Tek  714.6% – 1500 Durability

ARK Weapon Damage Cap

Fabricated Sniper ARK: Survival Evolved
Fabricated Sniper ARK: Survival Evolved
  • Weapons 298%
  • Fabricated Sniper Rifle 337.6%
  • Tek Weapons 159.4%
  • Tek Bow 337.6%

Custom Food Recipe

Cooking Pot ARK
Cooking Pot ARK

You can cook food in Ark Survival Evolved using a campfire, a cooking pot, an industrial grill, or an industrial cooker. Campfires and industrial grills are ideal for cooking meat. On the other hand, recipes are cooked in a pot or in an industrial cooker.

By having high Crafting Skill  you will be able to create better recipes with the same amount of ingredients. When you create a recipe with a good crafting skill stat, the improvement is in the actual recipe, meaning someone with a lower can use your recipe to get the same effects.

Most Common Custom Food:
Element Dust – 10 dust = 100 Food/Water
3 Raw Meat = 100 Food
3 Veggies = 100 Water

Craft multiple recipes in case you lose one


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