Where To Buy Cracked Pots Elden Ring : Fastest Method

Cracked Pots are a valuable item in Elden Ring. They are key materials needed to craft certain cracked pot items, such as Fire Pots, which are throwable bombs.

Buy cracked pots at Church of Elleh, Kale the merchant will sell Three Cracked Pots at 300 Runes per pot. Later on throughout Elden Ring you will come across other merchants who sell more cracked pots.

Merchant Church Of Elleh

What is Cracked Pots

Elden Ring’s Cracked Pot is a Key Item and Crafting Material. Cracked pots are used to craft throwing pots, which are consumables that apply damage or debuffs to enemies when thrown. A Ritual Pot and Perfume Bottle are both related to this item

How Do Cracked Pots Work Elden Ring?

Whenever you craft with them, the items are used up and disappear from your inventory.

The Cracked pot will dissapear as an item is crafted with it however it will re-appear once used. It is worthwhile to craft the consumables because they are strong and useful.

Consumables can be crafted from the Cookbooks with the help of Pots and Bottles. The collection consists of 20 cracked pots, 10 ritual pots, and 10 perfume bottles. Pots create exploding pots of various effects and Bottles produce consumables that provide passive benefits.


Where To Get Cracked Pots?

  • Kalé at the Church of Elleh sells the first three Cracked Pots — these cost 300 Runes each.
  • At the Site of Grace on the eastern side of Saintsbridge, the violin-playing Nomadic Merchant sells one Cracked Pots for 600 Runes.
  • A Cracked Pot costs 600 Runes from the Nomadic Merchant on the Castle Morne Rampart in the Weeping Peninsula.
  • For 1500 Runes, a Cracked Pot can be purchased from the vendor at the crossroads along the Caelid Highway (South).


Church of Elleh
Church of Elleh

Where to find Cracked pots Elden Ring?

One Cracked Pot can be discovered in the Groveside Cave, located due north of the Church of Elleh in the cliffs north of the forest. The cave is inhabited by several wolves.

A whopping four Cracked Pots can be found in the Auriza Side Tomb, located beneath the Dragon Tree Sentinel fight to the north-east of the Altus Plateau. You will have to defeat two Giant Pot enemies in one room, and then solve the puzzle of the dungeon to get the other two from Small Pot enemies.

Crafting with Cracked Pots


Fire Pot is the most basic item you can create with a Cracked Pot, which requires one Cracked Pot, one Mushroom, and one Smoldering Butterfly. As mentioned above, Cracked Pots can be replenished – once you use an item from it, the Cracked Pot is available again for crafting. Basically, you can refill your Cracked Pot items as long as you have the materials on hand.

Unlike other materials used in crafting, the Cracked Pot will always return to your inventory once you throw the crafted pot, making them easily reusable.  But you won’t be able to swap to different types of pots until you throw the ones you have crafted.

Cracked Pots can make:

  •  Fire Pot
  • Roped Fire Pot
  • Roped Holy Water Pot
  • Holy Water Poy
  • Fetid Pot
  • Poison Pot
  • Sleep Pot
  • Volcano Pot
  • Roped Volcano Pot
  • Lightning Pot
  • Roped Lightning Pot
  • Roped Oil Pot
  • Oil Pot
  • Roped Magic Pot
  • Swarm Pot
  • Magic Pot


Perfume Bottle
Perfume Bottle

How To Use Perfume Bottle Elden Ring

Perfume Bottles are one of the most valuable container items in Elden Ring. Elden Ring is all about role-playing, and you may enjoy being a perfumer in the game. Even if you are not into perfuming, you may still want a few Perfume Bottles scattered around once you learn how helpful they can be. The Perfume Bottle in Elden Ring: everything you need to know.

What Does the Perfume Bottle Do?

There are a multitude of perfumes to choose from, as they provide powerful buffs in all shapes and sizes. So far, I have only discovered Spark Aromatic and Uplifting Aromatic. Uplifting Aromatic increases allies’ attack power and boosts their defense, while Spark Aromatic casts a powerful exploding pollen spell.

The world of Elden Ring contains tons of Key Items like Prayerbooks and Spirit Ashes. As with those two Key Items, the Perfume Bottle is hard to find, but extremely valuable. The number of Perfume Bottles you can hold is 10 at a time.

Where to Get a Perfume Bottle

Throughout The Lands Between, there are several perfume bottles hidden. You can start collecting Perfume Bottles in three locations near the beginning of the game.

  • The Atlus Plateau: Shaded Castle Inner Gate – Climb the ladder in the middle and turn right. The Magma Wyrm boss awaits you at the end of the path. You can get Perfume Bottles from the Perfume Ruins after defeating them.
  • You’ll find a body in the first room on the right side of Volcano Manor once you receive the Drawing-Room Key. Near the body you’ll find a perfume bottle.
  • A Perfume Bottle can be found in a chest on the second floor of Leyndell Royal Capital.


It’s not enough to have a Perfume Bottle. It’s important that you make your own perfume to use in your bottle. A perfume cookbook is essential for creating perfume recipes. Although there aren’t many Perfume Cookbooks yet, they will unlock powerful perfumes for you to use in battle. These are some of the Perfume Cookbook locations in Elden Ring:

  • Perfume Cookbook found after traversing the second transporter trap in the Leyndell Royal Capital.
  • The Hermit Merchant can sell a Perfume Cookbook for 3000 Runes. Found in Ainsel River: Uhl Palace

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