Complete and Broken World Lost Ark

Complete and Broken World is a hidden Quest in Lost Ark which starts in Port Krona, here we go into all the secrets it holds and how it’s completed.

Complete and Broken World Step By Step Picture

How to Start “Complete and Broken World” Quest

To begin, this quest isn’t easy to start due to the hidden requirement necessary to complete. The player has to collect an “Epic Treasure Map”. 

This can be obtained after level 40 from any monsters that spawn around the map, this does not include chaos dungeons. The drop rate is unknown however most players say the chance is below 1%, this isn’t as bad as it sounds due to the amount of enemies a player defeats.

Once gathered the quest can be started by interacting with a statue in Port Krona, the exact location of this statue and how the Epic Treasure Map looks is shown on the image below.

Statue location and Epic Treasure Map
Statue location and Epic Treasure Map

How to Complete the Quest

As the interaction with the statue is completed you will be tasked with meeting with “Dukong, the Busy Tooki”. He will talk and you will be prompted to answer him before unlocking the second part of the quest. The answers to the conversation is:

  1. “Leave me alone! Go on your way!”
    What are you doing?
  2. I’m building a memorial stone.
  3. “Sniff! Nothing! Nevermind!
    You’re already bothering me.

Dukong, the Busy Tooki Location and Appearance

This answer makes the NPC react and give you the second part which is to enter Tooki Island.

There are specific hours during which Tooki island is open. Each day, Tooki Island appears every four hours starting at 4:50 AM in your server’s region. Additionally, the island will spawn in one of four locations:

  • Northwest of Arthetine
  • Southwest of Pleccia and east of North Vern
  • Southwest of North Vern, near Revelry Row
  • Southeast of the East Luterra port

The location it spawns on will be showcased by a whirlwind on the map, head to it and enter when available.

Once you enter the quest will be completed, nothing more than having to enter is needed.

Tooki island Location

A Quick Summary:

Gather Epic Treasure Map, Interact with Statue in Port Krona, Talk to Dukong, Visit Tooki island

Would a quest that is so challenging have great rewards? Let’s check them out.

Complete and Broken World Rewards


Roster XP215
Creation Fragment6
Uncommon Engraving Recipe Chest5
Pirate Coin5000


Personally the rewards are quite good for being simple, the treasure map is quite common if you have played awhile at level 40+. I hope this guide helped you complete this mission, I wish you a lovely day.

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