Burnt With Love Lost Ark

Burnt With Love is one of the hidden stories for Rethramis. It shows the progress rate on a particular continent in the Adventurer’s Tome. The location is hidden, making it difficult to locate.

Found in the lower region of Rethramis Border, “Burnt With Love” is hidden behind three burning structures.
Read on for all other stories and a complete walkthrough.
Burnt With Love Location Path Lost Ark

Burnt With Love Walkthrough

Action-adventure MMO Lost Ark has an overwhelming amount of content to offer. A difficult collectible to find is the Hidden Story collectibles. You can access the Adventurers Tome from the right side of the menu or by pressing N. One of the Hidden Stories is Burnt With Love, which grants 1% progression and 1 Charisma. Here’s how to do it.

1. Regria Monastery Tripod

Visit the tripod named Regria Monastery. Travel or teleport directly to it, this is the closest location to finding the hidden story, from here we will walk down to the Area: Rethramis Border. This is the nameless portion of the map which is found in the lower region.

Regria Monastery Tripod

2. Travel to Area Rethramis Border

As you enter the Rethramis Border from Regria Monastery, hold the right corner until you find 3 burning structures in the same location. The area is filled with burning tents which go from 1-2 tents/structures, continue until you see the set of 3.
Rethramis Border Location Lost ARk

3. Locate the Back of the 3 Burning Structures

When the structure is found, walk around it to the back end, this will allow you to interact with a specified area. The flames surrounding it does not deal damage to players or NPC, you will have to walk into it for the interaction to appear.
Back of the 3 Burning Structures Location

3. Interact with the Burning Structures

Burnt With Love  is received after interacting with the burning structures by pressing G. A 2-second animation will appear, and once complete, you will receive it.

Burnt With Love Story Lost Ark

“Charred remains of what appears to be a frog.There is a melted ring hanging from its little neck.”
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  3. Burnt With Love
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