Bloodclaw’s Dagger Guide Lost Ark

Bloodclaw’s Dagger is the last remaining quest to unlock Rapport for Blackfang, this is a crucial part in late game Lost Ark. The quest doesn’t showcase any location where to go making it one of the trickier ones to complete.

  • Talk to Mariner Rosa
  • Talk to NPC at Atlas Isle
  • Meet NPC at Peyto Ship
  • Greet NPC at Port Krona in Vern
  • Complete by Going Back to Start Location

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Completed Bloodclaw’s Dagger
Completed Bloodclaw’s Dagger

Bloodclaw’s Dagger Guide Lost Ark

Pirate Blackfang is respected all around the land for his leadership of the Black Fox. Currently, she is searching for the Great Pirate Bloodclaw, which went missing some time ago.

Obtaining Blackfang’s trust starts with the Bloodclaw’s Dagger quest. Below you will find a complete step by step walkthrough but before that here are the requirements to begin the quest:

  1. Item level 250
  2. Sailing Unlocked
  3. Beastly origins

1. Where to Find Mariner Rosa?

The first step of the quest is to talk to Mariner Rosa, a shy NPC located at Blackfang’s Den’s house. She possesses short red hair and pointed elf ears, along with a sword. As you talk to her the next part of the quest appears which is to meet bloodclaw’s men.

Mariner Rosa Location

2. Bloodclaw’s Men Location

To meet Bloodclaw’s Men the player is required to travel to another island which is named Atlas. Located right by Anikka continent’s edge, this area is open to PVP meaning that players can kill each other. Be careful.
As you arrive at Atlas Isle, meet up with the bloodclaw’s men. The location is showcased in the image below.

3. Bloodclaw’s Men Second Location

Next part is to meet another set of NPC located at Peyto, the bloodclaw’s men is located on the third floor called Ship Deck. The NPC in question is called Corras the Starfish who wears a white long sleeve with a red vest on top.

Bloodclaw’s Men Location second location

4. Travel to Port Krona and meet with NPC

Port Krona is the last task in completing Bloodclaw’s Dagger, Port Krona is the harbour of North Vern.

Pay a silent tribute at the Great Pirate Memorial Altar and talk to the NPC located there once done you have to press F5 to inspect the dagger he gives you. It will be revealed to be Bloodclaw’s dagger.

Port Krona and meet with NPC Location

5. Complete Bloodclaw’s Dagger

The NPC you recently talked to gives you the Bloodclaw’s Dagger and you can now return it to Pirate Blackfang to finish the quest. Once done you will be heavily rewarded!

Completed Bloodclaw’s Dagger Location

Bloodclaw’s Dagger Rewards

Roster XP260
High Seas Coin Chest5


Delicious gold. These are all the rewards for completing the quest, gold being one of the better ones. Apart from the rewards you unlock the ability to Rapport to Blackfang which grants additional rewards.

I hope this one solved all your questions regarding Bloodclaw’s Dagger, I wish you a lovely day.

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