Best Way To Level Fast Ark? : Newest method

Since there are so many ways to die and die a lot in ARK: Survival Evolved, the game doesn’t offer much in the way of shortcuts or backdoors when it comes to advancing through its dinosaur-infested world. As a new player, it’s vital that you approach the game with an open mind and take every opportunity to learn and gain experience. Unless you get high levels, you’ll fail. So what is the best way to level quickly in Ark Survival Evolved?

The fastest way to level on ARK is through Explorer Notes, found around the map near stone ruins and inside chests. The Island West 2 Spawn allows you to reach level 70 in less than 10 minutes.

In addition to providing information about what you’ll encounter in the wild, they also give a lot of experience, which give 2x experience and 4x experience from the rarer explorer note. By choosing a location dense in explorer notes, the route we designed will maximize level gain.

Guide on how to Level fast in ARK

Step 1. Begin at the X in West 2. The map shows 7 explorer notes, this takes around 2 minutes to walk through as level 1! Upon completing it, you will have 65+ levels available to add to your character. This is by far one of the fastest methods to level in ark early. Click here for video version

Step 2. Now we come to the next step that would be reaching max level 105, for this you need to farm up an Industrial Grinder by hours of playing. As it’s crafted you can gain a massive amount of XP by letting it convert stone into flint, this can be made faster by getting an explorer note before starting the grinder.

In order to help you reach 105 within 5 minutes of starting the game, we developed a faster method which allows you to reach it within five minutes. Visit our store to try our secret method to reach 105, we will help you along the way!

Level Fast by Hunting Dinos

The killing of dinosaurs and other creatures is another useful technique to obtain XP quickly.

Start by picking up smaller prey like Dodos and Lystrosauruses and mash your way through them with the left mouse or right trigger. Attempting to run away will be their only response. 

You can start targeting bigger creatures, such as Dilophosauruses, Oviraptors, and Iguanodons, once you have better equipment, such as spears or bows and arrows. You should not have a problem dealing with these dinosaurs, but they will retaliate. Simply strafe behind them and attack.

Like this, you’ll soon make considerable progress up the food chain. Nevertheless, be sure not to target large predators too early, or they are likely to make mincemeat of you.

Use Tamed Dinosaur To Target Larger Pray

You won’t gain that much experience from taming dinosaurs, but you will be able to take on stronger dinosaurs that you wouldn’t be able to take on on foot, helping you grind.

Try to tame a predator like a Raptor. Once this is done, kill a bunch of Stegosauruses. Stegosaurus usually spawn near water sources and on the south of the Island map, so head there as there is bound to be a lot to farm there. Repeat this process over and over again, and you’ll be amazed at how fast levelling became.


Farm Resources and Craft for levels

Collecting resources is another way to level up. Build a bunch of chests and fill them up with wood, stone, flint and fiber, as well as whatever else you can easily farm from your surroundings.

As a result of this approach, there are a few benefits. In addition to making your crafting future-ready, it will also boost your level faster. In the long run, it pays off even if it isn’t the most exciting way to level up.

Make bulk amounts of items like torches or sparkpowder early on. Both of these items are relatively cheap and give you a large amount of XP over time.

Alternatively, you can build tons of thatch or wood foundations. Once these are in place, you can then take a fraction of the parts back and rebuild them.

With either tactic, you’ll soon earn more points to spend on new engrams and attribute boosts

How To Max Level Dinos

In Ark: Survival Evolved, you level up your best character stats by adding skill points to them. You can earn them simply by participating in the world around you, even when playing singleplayer games. Dinosaurs also use this level system.

To max level a dino fast we use explorer notes that are spread across the map, this is by far the fastest way to level them. It takes around 7 minutes to reach max, below are the exact location of the explorer notes:

This method is fastest with flying dinos but is possible with land creatures as well. But are there other options? There are a few.


Max Level with Industrial Grinder ARK:

Grinders are ridiculously expensive so you might want to see if you have an ally that could help you with some of the resources, if not, focus on grinding, it’s worth the time for a grinder. This method is of course slower and recuire a second person but it’s second to best when it comes to leveling at any map!

To level dinosaurs with an industrial grinder you need help from your friend.

  1. Farm WOOD/STONE
  2. Fill the industrial grinder with the resources and start converting them to thatch/flint
  3. Have your friend sit on your dino while having you near

This will allow the dinosaur to receive the shared xp your friend receives from you

Use Dino Babies For Levels

As horrible as it sounds, it is the most common method of leveling on the official servers network. You should collect a large number of babies from Spinosaurus, Gigas, and Rexes. Having gathered at least 10+ babies over time, you throw them all out and kill them with the dinosaur you wish to level.

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