ARK Best Dinosaurs Early On

Since there are tons of Ark: Survival evolved dinosaurs to tame, knowing where to spend your time and resources can be tricky. What about a T-Rex? A Carno, perhaps? Should we keep levelling Pteranodons? Or aim for an Argentavis? There have never been so many questions about dinosaurs outside of Jurassic Park. Here we list the best dinosaurs early on



Parasaur Dinosaur
Parasaur Dinosaur

The Parasaur is one of the most overlooked early-game dinosaurs, and because of this many individuals miss the benefits of making this one of their first tames. The Parasaur is an excellent tame for early-game as they can provide you with the ability to carry large amounts of weight and can gather berries and seeds, for farming, much faster than you as a player can. A good Parasaur can mean the difference between struggling through your first day on the ark and dying constantly in your first days.


Some of the characteristics that make these such an important early mount are listed below:

  •     Radar: The Parasaur can alert you when another player or a dangerous animal has entered a certain range of you.
  •     Endurance: These dinos have a very good stamina range. They can run at a decent enough pace to outrun the smaller carnivores on the island, which can get you out of a lot of scrapes when you are just beginning to explore the island.
  •     Carrying Capacity: The Parasaur can carry much more weight than your character can, which can help you a lot when you decide it is time to begin building your new home on the Island.


Raptor Dinosaur
Raptor Dinosaur

Raptors are probably one of the best tames in the game considering the time and effort that goes into taming one. There is no difficulty in the process, and even a low-level player can accomplish it on their own. Despite being weak in comparison to larger carnivores on the island, the raptor is a fast and deadly mount. For an early player, this creature is the perfect companion for doing meat runs for food or gathering hide for crafting.

These mounts stand out for the following reasons:

  • Pounce: This is an ability they use to pin down their prey and cause extra damage.
  • Pack Buff: Taming several Raptors will give your group a buff that makes them more powerful  together, which is great for PVP battles and larger prey.
  • Scout: Thanks to their speed and versatility, raptors are excellent at scouting out new areas

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Castoroides Dinosaur
Castoroides Dinosaur

Castoroides are extremely helpful when building your home away from home on the island. Due to its affinity for wood, it can harvest more wood from a tree and carry a great deal of it back to base. Besides being a great harvester, it is also capable of defending itself when you are out gathering supplies.

  • Castoroides is a one-man construction crew that has the following traits:
  •     Wood Affinity: the Castoroides is a beaver, as such it is at home biting down trees and building homes. Among all creatures, it carries more wood than any other.
  •     Portable Crafting Station: Crafting items can be done on the Castoroides saddle. As one of the few mounts with this ability, it is an extremely important mount for early to mid-level players.


Carnotaurus dinosaur
Carnotaurus dinosaur

Carnotaurus is one of the most aggressive animals on the island; it attacks when it sees you, regardless of where you are. This mount will prove useful to a mid-level player for hunting larger game or attacking another player’s base. The dinosaur is capable of taking some damage, and is equally capable of dishing it out, making it a good guard for your base.

Carnotaurus possesses the following key characteristics:

  • Headbutt: With its headbutt attack, the Carnotaurus can push its enemies backward. When defending your base or any other important area, you might find yourself having to repel invading forces.
  • Speed: Despite its size, the Carnotaurus is fast and can help set up an ambush.Despite its size, the Carnotaurus is fast and can help set up an ambush.
  • Balanced:.  As a raptor it moves quickly, however the Carnotaurus has a much greater combat power. This dinosaur is therefore an excellent mid-level tame and an excellent addition to any tribe.



As you progress through the game, you may want to upgrade your wooden shack or build some walls to secure your fortress. It doesn’t matter which way you look at it, the Doedicurus is a stone harvester. Because of its affinity for stone, it makes a perfect addition to any construction crew.  Additionally, the creature is protected by a mechanism that will last far longer than anything else on the ark.

The Doedicurus is best known for its abilities as follows:

  • Affinity to Stone: Doedicurus, like Castoroides, can harvest and carry large quantities of stone back to base to help build bases and large tribes.
  • Defense: From falls, attacks, or environmental hazards, this animal is able to withstand significant damage. It curls up in a ball that will heavily reduce the damage taken and waits for the threat to get bored with it and move on.


Anky Dinosaur
Anky Dinosaur

It is impossible to overstate the importance of an Ankylosaurus to a tribe. Due to its affinity for metal, it is possibly the best farming dinosaur in the game. Past mid-game, the items you need to craft require large quantities of metal, to the point that a character without a mount would spend days gathering that much. With a swing of its mighty tail, the Ankylosaurus will take days of work and reduce it to minutes.

Ankylosaurus can bring the following to your tribe:

  • Harvesting: Having a strong affinity for metal, this dinosaur can harvest it quickly and transport very large quantities of it. This is one of the best tames in the game since the amount of metal needed for new technologies far exceeds what can be gathered alone.
  • Defense: In addition to being able to harvest metal, the Ankylosaurus also has a knockback attack. By using this attack, the Ankylosaurus can send any animals flying into the air..


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