Beastly Origins Guide Lost ARK

Once you hit the ocean, you will have access to the Roster Quest Beastly Origins. However, completing it can be tricky since you are not told exactly where to look.

As Beastly Origins is accepted, travel to Changhun and talk to the merchants highlighted. Travel back to where you accepted the quest to complete it.
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Beastly Origins Guide Lost Ark

The quest is located at Blackfang’s Den which is located between East Luterra and Anikka, the beasty Origins is all about travelling around the Sea and investigating sailors at Changhun. So how do we do this in the most efficient way? Below we will guide you step by step.

Step 1. Accept Beastly Origins

Travel to Blackfang’s Den, which is surrounded by dangerous waters,we recommend you to have a high durability ship. Upon arrival, meet Blackfang NPC who is located at the house in the centre.

Step 2. Travel to Changhun Harbour

Changhun Harbour is a part of Anikka continent which is fairly close, it will take you 1-2 minutes to travel there from Blackfang’s Den. Image Below showcase exact location

Changhun harbour

Step 3. Gather Rumours from Changhun Sailors

Your task is to gather rumours from 3 sailors, each of them giving you pieces of information. Once you have gathered the rumours finish off talking to Gainal

Sailor Location For Rumours

Step 4. Investigate Anikka Shore

Take your ship to the harbour and follow the Anikka Shore to the right, you need to investigate the highlighted areas by standing there. Check out the 3 location showcased on the image below

Anikka Shore Investigation Location

Step 5. Complete Beastly Origins

All the rumours the sailors knew have now been gathered and you have completed your investigation along the shore. Complete the quest by returning to Blackfang’s Den and speaking with Blackfang NPC.

Beastly Origins Rewards


Roster XP260
High Seas Coin Chest1


While the rewards not being the greatest it unlocks further quests like Bloodclaw’s Dagger, you can click on the name and you will be linked directly to a guide on it.

I hope this one solved all your questions regarding Beastly Origins, I wish you a lovely day.

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