Base Building Ark Survival Evolved

One of the most important aspects of ARK: Survival Evolved is building a base that will hold all of your supplies as well as withstand attacks from other players and dinosaurs. The first time you build and design one, especially with limited supplies and engrams, can be challenging. The process is easier than you think and can be accomplished with a few tips and tricks.


Start preparing for a base

If you’re just starting out, you should find a place that has your basic resources and isn’t packed with bloodthirsty creatures that will attack you at a moment’s notice. If you don’t have anything to defend yourself or carry much weight, you don’t want to build your base somewhere you can’t find any resources

The nearby resources should be:

  • Thatch
  • Fiber
  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Water

When you play on a PVE server, you can build wherever you want, in the most picturesque locations. However, PVP servers are a bit more restricted. Unlike most newbies, you don’t want to create your base on the beach.

Consider going inland and finding a big patch of land near a pond or stream with the resources you need. Additionally, you might consider building up in enclosed areas that are hard to find. Please, however, ensure that you are not building near other tribes. It may be easier to start on a less populated server if you are having difficulty finding one.

Base Basic
Base Basic

Begin with the basics:

The first thing when starting out is to complete a XP Run. Building a hut is as simple as placing a foundation, building four walls, putting a roof on, and placing a door. These are easily made out of thatch to begin with, and later you can upgrade them with different materials. Give yourself plenty of room to grow, and if you plan to have your own tribe then you will really need a lot of room.

Upgrade Base when possible

Progressing through the game gives you access to a plethora of building materials, which can be used to upgrade your base.
You can access the following structures:

  • Thatch
  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Metal
  • TEK


TEK is the ultimate goal as it can withstand all except explosives, but it will take some time to reach this point. You may want to add onto your base first with the next best material before replacing the weaker pieces.

Once you have selected the location of your base, and you have set up the starter necessities, then you should add a fence to ensure you survive past your first few days. It should be large enough to contain all your creatures along with your base and still have room for future tribe members.

If you want to keep the biggest creatures out, each wall should be five pieces high.


Protect your items:

It is important to protect your items, especially when playing on a PVP server. When you build a door or storage container, you want to lock it and add a pin code that will be hard for other players to guess. Additionally, you will want to keep all your storage containers and other essential items indoors, i recommend to use tek walls, tek ceilings and tek foundations as an outershell.

Once you tame a creature, it needs food to survive and will naturally grow stronger, so build a feeding trough. It saves you time from having to access each creature’s inventory to feed it, since this can be a lengthy process.

To become a natural builder we suggest you check out our advanced building guide. After building confidence in building bases you can look online. See what other players have built or even wander around within your own server by using various tamed creatures.

The possibilities are endless, and one tip is to look at real-life buildings for design inspiration. There are no limits and items can often be repurposed for something else in a way that adds your own personal touch to a design.


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