Back To Work Lost Ark | How to Complete

Back to Work Lost Ark is the last quest on Dreamgull Isle and the hardest one due to the requirements you need to complete it. Before we get into how to complete Back to Work, make sure you have these completed:

Step 1. Begin Back To Work

The quest is available by following the questline on Dreamgull Isle, as you reach the end you will talk to the NPC Eto who gives you “Back to Work” Quest where your goal is to help sad and hurt seagulls. The path is straight forward but the ending is the tricky part

Begin Back To Work Lost ARK
Begin Back To Work Lost ARK

Step 2. Investigate and Use First Aid kit

The start of the quest has you investigate a seagull which we find out is hurt, head back to the NPC which will give you further instructions. The instructions provided are to heal the seagull with the help of a first aid kit, you will head to a different part of the island and collect it. Return to the hurt one and press F5 to heal.

Investigate and Use first aid kit

Step 3. Sing the Forests Minuet

The final step is to sing forest’s minuet which will motivate the Seagull in question to fly off to its friend. Press F2 to open the song folder and play the song in mind, this will open an interaction that allows you to send the bird off.
After a long cutscene the quest is completed and you will be rewarded with various items.

Forests Minuet Song


  • Start Quest on Island
  • Investigate and follow instructions
  • Sing the Forests Minuet

Video Version Here

Rewards for completing Back To Work

There are a few rewards and the most important one being the Island Soul.

  • 12 x Splendid Destruction Stone Fragment Chest
  • 23 x Splendid Guardian Stone Fragment Chest
  • 3 x Splendid Shard Chest (S)
  • 1 x Charisma
  • 100 Roster XP
  • 285 Silver
  • Dreamgull Island Soul

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