Ark Metal Ceiling : A Deeper Understanding

Metal Ceiling in Ark, one of ark’s few building materials but one of the most used in both pve and pvp so what makes it so popular? Perhaps the game breaking “glitch”. Here we dive into the basics and the details

Ark Metal Ceiling Basics

Metal Ceiling is a structure in ARK that functions as a roof that protects you against the various elements. While being a roof in first hand it also functions as a floor allowing players to build multiple levels that they can use.

To use this structure you will have to meet the requirements and crafting cost.

Requirements for crafting:

  • Character Level 45
  • Placement on foundation or pillar

To Craft:

  • 35 Metal Ingots
  • 10 Cementing/Achatina Paste

For a ceiling to be placed, a nearby foundation or pillar must provide support. A ceiling can only be placed two ceilings away in any direction on the x or y axis. However there are ways to build without having to connect more pillars/foundations to the ceiling.

Max Building distance for ceiling without additional foundaiton support
Max Building distance for ceiling without additional foundaiton support

Floating Ceiling Ark: Survival Evolved

Floating structures and rafts has long been something players wanted to achieve, while this was not possible for a while there is now a “Glitch” available that is legal to use according to Wildcard.

The biggest issue that appears when wanting to build out ceilings is that you cannot due to foundation support and depending on the terrain and the resources you have this could be impossible.

By placing pillars you can build on any terrain, start at your desired height then place pillars that are connected to the first one. If terrains lower make sure you lower/increase height with help of snap points and metal ceiling. Once desired length/width is done, build some heights up and start placing ceilings, they will all float.

Process in steps:

  • Place Pillar/foundation
  • Build out in any direction with pillar/foundation
  • Place pillar/walls up to decided height where you want to start
  • Place ceilings to complete

Once everything is built now we have to worry about who can destroy it and how easy

Floating Metal Ceiling ARK
Floating Metal Ceiling ARK

Metal Ceiling Damage Taken

Metal Ceilings is a strong structure that withstands most wildlife and plenty of higher tier weapons but there are some crucial ones they don’t withstand. Let’s begin with the dinosaurs.

  1. Arthropluera

Arthropluera got an update in 2018 that let it damage structures, including metal ceilings. Whether wild or tamed, both can damage your structures, but bred ones pack a punch.

  1. Titanosaurus

This dinosaur has been in ARK for a while and it’s main feature was breaking metal structures, but it’s much slower and immobile so players stopped using it after the Arthropluera was updated. In PVE players can lure this creature to your base and damage it.

  1. Corrupted Creatures

All corrupted creatures on Extinction are able to damage structures on PVP, on PvE this is blocked due to the risk of griefing by players. Even a dilophosaurus will be able to break your base, live in safe location far away from the deserted wastelands where they spawn

Metal Ceiling is one of the targets on PVP since it will lead directly into your base, which means explosives are required in order to break the ceiling.

How many C4 for Metal Ceiling ARK?

A metal ceiling has 10.000 Health and the c4 deals 3546 per charge on metal structures, meaning it will take 3 C4 for 1 Ceiling.

There are a wide variety of explosives in ARK: Survival Evolved, including the C4 Charge. When thrown/used with the C4 Remote Detonator, it sticks to whatever it is thrown at, including creatures and players. A c4 can be placed near a raft (floor or other structure) and the explosion radius can damage the structure if it sticks to those surfaces. You cannot place C4 directly on a raft since it counts as a platform.

How Many Grenades to Destroy Metal Ceiling ARK

The Grenade is a primitive weapon learned early on which is used for damaging metal ceilings early on in the game, the level requirement is 38. To break a metal ceiling you will be needing 37 grenades since they only deal 276 damage. (37 if you actually hit the same ceiling, since they bounce this can be tricky)

Coloring Metal Ceiling

This Structure has 4 color regions available out of 6 total. You can use these color options to create a variety of patterns and  designs. Many in Official PvE use this feature to create pixel art. Here are the regions:

I hope this guide granted you a higher understand of Metal Ceilings, share with a friend!


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