Ark How to Tame Hyena

How to tame a Hyena? It requires a special method, the usual way is by knock-out while the Hyena uses pets as a form of taming.

Hyaenodons, a carnivore often seen in packs of 3 to 6, are among the Island’s most tenacious packs. Taming these creatures can be tricky without the right knowledge, let’s see how:

  • Locate the Hyena
  • Sneak up to it
  • Pet it to begin taming
  • Repeat until tamed
Hyena Pack Ark
Hyena Pack Ark

How to tame Hyena Ark?

To tame a Hyena is achieved through a passive technique that involves sneaking up to it and petting it.

By petting the Hyaenodon, it can be passively tamed. It is advisable to use a flying creature to catch him and throw him into a trap if you wish to pet him at all.

The trap is built by building 2×2 foundations, on which you place door frames to create a space.

The Hyenas will spawn in groups  and you will have to select 1 to tame and kill the remaining. Start by picking up the Hyena you want to tame.  Drop it in the trap and kill the remaining ones.

The one in the trap may be affected by this and will either try to attack or run, if this is the case go out of render distance to refresh it’s status to then be able to tame.

Pet it and repeat every 30 seconds, after awhile it will be tamed

Trapped Hyena Pet Interval
Trapped Hyena Pet Interval

What Do Tame Hyena Eat in ARK?

The Hyena as stated before is tamed passively by petting it but it does have food that it will eat when tamed or when raising the offspring

IT will eat all meat kinds except spoiled meat when tamed or growing up, despite this we recommend you feed them raw meat since it will fill them up the longest and have a high stack count compared to prime meat or mutton

How to Tame Hyena Ark
How to Tame Hyena Ark

Uses for a Tamed Hyena

To better understand why we tame a hyena let’s look into what they can do:

  • Guarding Dogs: Small, quick, and able to deal a lot of damage in packs, Hyaenodons make excellent guard animals. The dogs can be set to aggressive to guard a base or used as a hunting supplement. In packs, level up health and damage, 6-8 level 200+ Hyaenodons can easily kill a 130+ Bronto.
  • Explorer of Caves: There are a number of creatures found in caves that hyaenodons excel at killing. When Hyaenodons are mate-boosted and self-healing, they can help you fully retrieve artifacts. In addition, extra food can be stored on them for long expeditions.
  • Hunt Pack: Hyaenodons are capable of taking down giant mammals such as Paraceratheriums and Brontosauruses.
  • Travelling Pack: Due to their unique Hyaenodon Meatpack, they’re almost a necessity for long voyages (especially across large maps like Ragnarok) and can improve your survival chances, eliminating completely the need for food stops. Furthermore, other creatures will have more space to carry other items. (Level Weight for this)
  • Damage Dealer: A Hyaenodon can deal large amounts of damage in a short period of time, making it a more reliable killer than a Raptor or a  Sabertooth.
  • Pet: Having a similar appearance and sound to a dog, and being damn cute as well, the Hyaenodon makes a good pet.
  • Defence:  As far as early game creatures go, Hyaenodons are one of the best, because of their speed, damage pack bonus, and agility, they are a more reliable base defense dino than other early game creatures like Kentrosaurus and Thorny Dragon.
  • Meat Fridge Transport: Meat and Mutton are harvested by Hyaenodons, and their Meatpack acts like a portable fridge. Hyaenodons can also be picked up by Pteranodons and Tapejaras, making it a convenient means of transport for Mutton.
Pregnant Hyena Ark
Pregnant Hyena Ark

How to Obtain Hyena Baby in ARK

Obtain the baby

This creature is a mammal and does not give eggs, they will incubate in the mothers body and will be born within 4h.

It is necessary for two creatures of the same species to be of opposite sexes in order to breed. The breeding setting must be enabled in order to begin mating.

Mating has a cooldown, so make sure the creature hasn’t mated recently. There is an 18- to 48-hour breeding interval for Hyenas.

Hyaenodon females are pregnant for about 4 hours if you play on official settings. It will take these 4 hours for the little hyaenodon to be born. As a baby, it requires your attention for another 4.5 hours, during which you must keep adding food to its inventory(can use maewing). To get the most out of your baby, pay attention to the imprint intervals every 8 hours.

Juveniles are able to feed themselves once they reach juvenile status. It takes approximately 1 day and 22.5 hours for the dinosaur to completely grow up. .

Hyena Baby Version Ark Survival Evolved
Hyena Baby Version

Additional Information about the Hyena

In The Wild

The island’s most tenacious pack is Hyaenodon dirus, a carnivore commonly found in packs of three to six across the mountains and tundras. Hyaenodons are highly intelligent predators. Before engaging in a fight, it determines whether the reward is worth the risk. The hyaenodon does not like to fight unless there is already weakened prey or a fresh carcass nearby. In the presence of injured creatures, however, this temperament changes quickly. The Hyaenodon quickly becomes aggressive… The pack attacks ruthlessly. Hyaenodon quickly recovers health and stamina with each vicious chomp of scavenged meat.

Behavioural patterns

Unless you are injured, hyaenodons are usually skittish if left alone. Upon joining a pack, their behavior changes drastically, turning from skittish to aggressive.

Their aggression is primarily determined by drag weight and the type of prey they detect, for example, a lone survivor may be attacked by the pack. Thus, Direwolves are not normally attacked by three Hyaenodons and flee, but if another one appears and thus the grouped drag weight is higher than the Direwolf’s, they will begin attacking.

Even if the enemy has a lower Drag Weight, a group of two won’t attack.


Typically found in cold regions and mountains, the Hyaenodon hunts in packs. Their appearance is similar to that of modern hyenas.

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