Ark 2 Release Date : Exact Date

Since its launch, the survival game has continued to expand its pool of content, expansions, and ultimately its player base. However, now is the time for ARK 2.

ARK 2 Release date is set at 2023, ARK 2 was originally set for 2022, but Wildcard Studio decided to release the game in 2023 so that it would be an unforgettable experience and support all platforms.

Until then, keep reading to learn more about Ark 2 and Vin Diesel’s involvement.

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Why ARK 2 Release Date was Post-poned

As Studio Wildcard realized the potential of upgrading to Unreal 5, and allow revolutionary full mod support for console players. Launching in 2023, ARK 2 will debut on Steam Early Access and Xbox Series XS as a console launch exclusive and with Xbox and PC Game Pass on Game Preview.

While we didn’t have much info on Ark 2 since it was announced back in 2020, we now know a lot more about what we can expect next year.

ARK 2 story

With its latest trailer, Ark 2 introduces the world of the game through Meeka, Santiago’s daughter, as she reflects on the game’s past.
Meeka explains that a great war ravaged the Earth, and the people of Earth sent dinosaurs to survive on a planet far away. The trailer also focuses on Santiago and Meeka’s relationship, suggesting the father-daughter pair’s relationship may play a major role in Ark 2.

ARK 2 Playstyle and Environment

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The core mechanics of the game have been redesigned most significantly. The sequel, which is third-person-only, has completely redesigned controls and movement for players and creatures.

Player characters can now clamber over the environment in a more realistic and freeform manner, taking inspiration from systems like Assassin’s Creed’s automatic parkour and Breath of the Wild’s climbing.

Ark 2’s combat draws heavily from Souls-like action for its human scale: dodges, blocks, light and heavy attacks, combos, and player reflexes, a rarity among PvP survival titles.

In terms of creature-scale combat, you can rest assured that in Ark 2, when you attack something with your T-Rex, rather than “passing through”, the victim’s flesh is torn, and the victim physically reacts to the hit – all to represent the gravity of such a fierce creature! This excites me as a player far too much…

World Events are another area of interest to us. As opposed to the first game’s more or less static environment, the new World Event system will make sure that unique things are always happening around the world whether you are there or not.

This adds procedurally-dynamic scenarios like watering hole gatherings, wounded creatures, tracking the signs of advanced predators, stampedes, herds, defending endangered animals to earn their trust, finding dens of parent animals and their young, and more. Whether or not you choose to participate in these events is up to you, and each one can provide unique rewards and challenges.

Why is Vin Diesel In ARK 2?

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Vin Diesel says that anyone who considers themselves a “real gamer” should definitely pick up Ark 2 when it releases next year. In the new trailer for Ark 2, Diesel appears once more as he stars in the upcoming sequel to the long-running survival game. Following the release of the trailer, Diesel has now opened up about the project and how he feels about his involvement in it.

Diesel posted a message to his personal Instagram account that showed off the new trailer for Ark 2 and talked about his own excitement for the game. Even though the sequel has yet to launch, Diesel explained that the predecessor, Ark: Survival Evolved, is the best game around right now. Moreover, he noted that his son became acquainted with the game through his own love of it.

“The best game out right now is Ark Survival Evolved… my son introduced me to the game many years back. Then [Studio] Wildcard and all of the genius over there asked me to shepherd the IP into the TV and film space… an honor I can’t begin to describe,” Diesel said in the post. “Any real gamer is excited for Ark!!! But I am excited for you all to see the franchise unfold on the big screen. Stay tuned.”

What dinosaurs will be in ARK 2?

After looking into each photo, video and frame we have figured out all showcased dinosaurs in ARK2.

  • Archaeopteryx
  • Brontosaurus
  • Dodo
  • Triceratops
  • Parasaur
  • Raptor
  • Rex
  • Stegosaurus

The dinosaurs are not named in the trailers and images what we can see is that they resemble these. How many dinosaurs can you locate in this trailer?

PC Requirements

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Ark 2 isn’t all that known yet, let alone what it’ll require to run, but if Ark: Survival Evolved is any indication, you’ll need a monster PC to run it smoothly.
The minimum specs for Ark: Survival Evolved required only an Intel Core i5-2400 or AMD FX-8320 CPU, 8GB of RAM, and an Nvidia GTX 670 2GB or AMD Radeon HD 7870 2GB GPU. However, any Ark player can tell you that these specs cannot handle the chaos of Ark: Survival Evolved. If you have a lower-end PC, we recommend checking out custom settings for ARK2, ARK: Survival Evolved has some amazing settings that allow “any” PC to run the game.
Many videos online show people hitting 60 fps on high settings at 1080p using 10-series GPUs for Ark: Survival Evolved. My guess is that RTX 20-series CPUs will be necessary to run Ark 2 efficiently

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