How To Apply Grease Elden Ring

Elden Ring offers a vast variety of ways to dispatch your foes, from powerful magic attacks to getting up and personal and taking them out with a vast assortment of melee weaponry. However, there will be times that you need a bit of extra help from grease, as the foes in Elden Ring are no slouches.

Grease can be used in Elden Ring after it has been applied. Locate Quick Access Slots to equip the grease of your choice, press the X button to apply the coating to the weapon. Coating lasts 60 seconds. Grease cannot be used on weapons with a special buff in any shape or form.

Apply Grease On Weapons

Although we do not recommend that you consume Grease, it is listed as a Consumable item. However, if you use it on your weapon, you’ll receive extra boosts and power that will aid you in eliminating any pesky foes that stand in your way.

Weapon Grease can be applied quite easily. Simply open up the Menu screen, navigate to Inventory, and search for the different Greases you have collected during your travels. Select the type you wish to apply, and click the Apply button. In turn, this will give your weapon additional power for a set period of time. 60 second is the most common duration.

Be aware that you cannot stack buffs, and that you cannot use Greases on weapons with Ashes of War. The Use button will be grayed out if you try to select Grease on a weapon with Ashes of War installed. The only exception to this is perfume bottels, use it after coating your weapon

If you’re trying to determine if some of your hard-earned Ashes of War should be used on your favorite weapon, this is an excellent way to see the benefits of the new buff without permanently upgrading your favorite gear.

Why can’t I use it?

The option to apply Grease is greyed out for boss weapons, enchanted weapons, special weapons that you can upgrade to +10 only, as well as weapons with inherent elemental affinities including blood. You cannot apply Grease to weapons that contain Ashes of War.

However, you can use Grease on weapons that already have had their skill altered provided that the affinity change doesn’t give them an element. You need to switch the affinity on your weapon to standard to be able to buff it with it.

For example, if you use the Blood affinity, you can’t apply Grease, as your weapon already causes blood loss buildup. However you can use perfume bottles to additionaly stack

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