An Important Record Lost Ark | Walkthrough

An Important Record in Lost Ark is a roster quest which requires you to climb a tower that gets harder for each part, you will be tasked to find Leshar’s Record to complete “An important quest” however it’s not as easy as it sounds.

  • Accept “An Important Record”
  • Head to the 5th Floor
  • Defeat Rictus to Receive Leshar’s Record
  • Complete An important Record

There are Mishaps that may happen, continue reading for a complete walkthrough

Location of An Important Record

The quest is located on Shadow Isle which is between North Vern and Shushire, the Island is next to a stormy sea meaning you will have to be careful sailing there.

There are a few things to complete before you have access to the Isle which is:

  • Item Level 250
  • Level 50
  • Completed Set Sail! Quest ( Unlocks the Boat)

Location of Shadow Isle

How do you start an important record in Lost Ark?

To have access to the “An Important Record” you will need to complete previous quests which are located on Shadow Isle. I will do a quick walkthrough of each of them. Be cautious when doing these missions, there is a chance that a boss spawn on each floor!

  • To the Shadespire
    Shadespire is located at the tower surrounded by crows, head inside and talk to Rakil
  • The Scent of Blood
    Locate NPC Ganecron on 2nd Floor, located on the bottom left side
    Find NPC Kangal on the 4th Floor, laying on the floor on the right side.
  • Vile Debris
    Collect 100 Vile Debris: Slay enemies, they drop it. The higher the floor the higher the drop rate.
  • Debris Gatherer
    Collect another 100 Vile Debris

Now with that out of the way, you will not have access to An Important Record. Let’s dive into it

Start Location of an important record

Step 1. Accept An important Record

With the previous quests and requirements done you will have access to the quest, talk to the NPC Ryndon who will give you the quest. The task is to defeat Rictus and find Leshar’s Record

Step 2. Head to the 5th Floor

The quest tricks you with having  Leshar’s Record separated, in fact you will receive it when you defeat the boss.

Head to the 5Th Floor, walk straight forward on each floor and you will reach it, enemies will spawn on each floor but you can avoid them by using Movement Skill.

Path to Floor 5
Floor 1-4

Step 3. Defeat Rictus

Rictus Spawn is at random, if you are lucky he will appear within 1 minute of waiting on the 5th floor, sometimes even as much as 20 minutes. There are other bosses that can appear on the 5th floor that will not give Leshar’s Record, if this happen defeat them and continue to wait for Rictus

Depending on your item level this can be extremely hard or very easy, he has the ability to slash the ground in rapid motion which will hurt and knock you up. He will indicate this by roaring or showing a red danger warning on the location the boss targets.

This can be done solo but if you struggle to defeat him, invite a friend since there is no player limit.

As the boss is defeated, everyone who has dealt damage to the boss and has “An Important Record” active will receive leshar’s Record. Active meaning you have accepted the quest

Rictus Defeated Lost Ark

Step 4. Complete An important Record

Head down to the bottom floor and talk to the NPC Ryndon, he will grant you rewards for completing the task which is:

Reward AmountReward Name
210Roster Experience
17Splendid Destruction Stone Fragment Chest
4Lavish Guardian Stone Fragment Chest
1Lavish Harmony Leapstone Chest


What Does the Leshar’s Record Say?

By placing concentrated magick energy at the top of the tower, I’ve successfully disconnected it from Petrania. 

I’ve also managed to stop its growth by distorting the coordinates of its surroundings. 

I fear it will not hold for long, however. I hope it will last until the Holy Knights arrive. 

I have succeeded in weakening the monsters within,

but some of the creatures are beginning to mutate.

Something’s not right. Are they not from Petrania?

This magickal resonance is much too powerful. It’s as though the tower is sending signals to someplace.

Those Sacrian fools think of it as a simple demonic byproduct.

There must be another explanation, though. If this tower is some sort of wedge that originated in Petrania…

Guessing will get me nowhere. I need to investigate for myself.

As soon as I stopped one tower, another began to grow.

I must finish everything before Lirarrives.

I can’t put her in danger.

This is the end of the Leshar’s Record and to this walkthrough, i hope this was helpful. If so please feel free to share with a friend!

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