A Better Palate Lost Ark

A Better Palate is the second quest upon visiting Orvis Island, using cryptic text to make players spend more time trying out methods to complete the quest. Here are all the answers you need to complete this quest.

  1. Collect 15 Pumpkin Seeds by Defeating Pumpkin Monsters
  2. Talk to NPC To Complete Quest.

Read on for a step-by-step guide.

A Better Palate Quest

A Better Palate Guide Lost Ark

Located on Orvis Island, the Quest is surrounded by dead waters that damage your ship rapidly, so make sure your ship is durable. In the middle of East Luterra and South Rimeria.

“The Culinary Researcher affirms that food is made delicious by one’s cooking skills and love for others, not by ritual sacrifice. Those horrific farming practices must be stopped.”

To complete A Better Palate, the player must find and bring the collect to a NPC named Cuisine Researcher, which requires the following requirements:

  • Required Item level 802
  • Boat Access

1. Collect 15 Pumpkin Seeds

To complete A Better Palate, the player must collect seeds from the actual Pumpkin Monsters, run to their spawn location shown below, and defeat a total of 15. Pumpkin Seeds can only be found on monsters with pumpkin heads

Pumpkin Monster Spawn Location Lost Ark

2.Talk to NPC To Complete A Better Palate

When finishing collecting all 15 seeds the quest is possible to turn in by meeting with “Culinary Researcher” NPC. This completes the questline and you get a short story about how these seeds will grow big without any sacrifices.

Culinary Researcher NPC Location Lost Ark

A Better Palate Rewards


Roster XP450
Trade Skill XP360
High Seas Coin Chest2
Creation Fragment2

Your success in Lost Ark will be boosted by the rewards, while not being the best, some are extremely useful like the Creation Fragment which is used in late game.

I hope this solved all your questions regarding A Better Palate I wish you a lovely day and goodluck in Lost Ark


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